HIV Life Insurance Application

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  1. Download: Click the TimeSaver download button.
  2. Complete: Fill out all sections and required details of the TimeSaver.
  3. Return: Simply return the TimeSaver to us via fax or email.
hiv timesaver


Yes. HIV life insurance is a unique impaired risk. Most life insurance companies will “Deny” any application if someone is HIV positive. The companies that may approve you have a procedure that they require. The TimeSaver is part of this procedure.

No. The TimeSaver form is used exclusively to gather specific medical history and other factors that may impact your underwriting and rating classification. This is not an application for insurance and in no way guarantees a specific underwriting class or binds any insurance coverage with any insurance carrier.

The TimeSaver allows us to “informally shop” your case to all the life insurance companies that may approve you. HIV is a complicated risk to life insurance companies. They want to know everything about your health before approving you a policy. The TimeSaver allows us to separate all the companies that may deny you from the ones that may approve you. You can then simply apply with the best informal offer. As the name suggests, this process saves you time!

Once you return the TimeSaver, we’ll order your medical records and begin the informal shopping phase. This process is not a quick one, but ultimately is much faster than randomly applying to life insurance companies. The length of time typically depends on how fast your doctors can send in the required and requested medical records.¬†

If there is any chance for you to be approved for life insurance with HIV, our TimeSaver process will find it. It is the fastest and most thorough way to get approved for HIV life insurance.