The Perfect Term Life Insurance Quote

Life insurance quotes are easy to attain.  You find a life insurance website like LifeInsuranceBlog and fill in a few fields (Name, Health Class, Term Length, etc.) and hit enter.

A list of life insurance quotes are then generated for you.  You’re probably thinking the next step is to just pick the company who offers the lowest rate and you’ll get that policy right?


That may be a bit alarming to hear, but it is true.  Knowing that can save you a ton of time and stress.

Life Insurance Quotes and Rating Classifications

There are life insurance rating classifications on our quoter and most other websites. On our quoter it’s the field that is named “Health Class”.

Your health class rating is what will ultimately determine what you will pay when you are approved for your life insurance policy. Your health class is determined by many factors.

Your weight, medical history and your medical exam (if you take one) results are 3 major factors. Insurance companies will review your medical history and exam results and make an offer (or not) based on their specific guidelines for the health rating class.

Life insurance companies don’t rate the same from company to company.  They all look at you differently. Some companies rate with similar guidelines and some are very different.  They even differ on how they name their classifications as well as their requirements for qualification.

For example, the lowest cost rating can be labeled Preferred Best -or- Preferred Plus depending on the company. These represent the same class however.  They are the absolute best rating for a company.

Figuring Out Your Life Insurance Health Class Can Be Confusing

Most of the people that fill out our life insurance quoter select “Preferred Plus.”  It’s completely understandable.  Identifying your proper health class gets confusing for the average shopper.

With all of the health classes available to consumers and not knowing what the life insurance companies are looking for – shoppers typically just end up guessing..


We wanted to provide a visual guide for you to help you with our online life insurance quoter.  Should you select Preferred Plus or a different health class rating?


The Perfect Term Life Insurance Quote

The infographic below is a basic step by step process for getting an accurate quote with our quoter.  Please email me or call me at 1-888-411-1329 if you need additional help or if you have any questions. I’ll help you find the best life insurance company for your specific situation.

The Perfect Term Life Insurance Quote


Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn is the founder of LifeInsuranceBlog. If you have specific questions or face challenges getting coverage. Please email or call me a call at 888-411-1329 - Either way, I'm happy to help you.

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