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How to get life insurance with pre existing condition

Life Insurance With Pre Existing Conditions

life insurance with pre existing conditions

Compare life insurance rates

Life insurance with preexisting condition

If you qualify for life insurance coverage, a pre-existing condition can raise your quotes significantly. We'll show you how to get the best deal.


Find out how life insurance companies look at your pre existing condition


Learn about how your pre existing condition may affect your final rate when approved


Learn insider tips on how to get the best outcome for your pre existing condition

Life Insurance List Of Health Conditions (Alphabetical Order)

Find out how your specific pre-existing health condition may effect your chances of securing life insurance from the best life insurance companies available.

How to get life insurance with pre existing condition

Pre-existing health conditions

Scroll through our comprehensive list of preexisting health conditions above and see how life insurance companies may look at your condition.

This article will provide you a list of common health conditions, diseases, and pre-existing conditions that may affect your ability to secure life insurance with pre-existing conditions. Each one has information on the health condition and how to qualify for life insurance.

This list is constantly being updated and growing, so check back often for new details.

Can you get life insurance with pre existing conditions

Yes. We help people every single day with a variety of pre-existing conditions. The articles we publish are often written after we have helped someone secure life insurance coverage for their specific health situation.

We’ll help you from beginning to end. From answering your questions to putting in the application. We’re here to help you through the entire life insurance process.

life insurance tip


term life insurance with preexisting conditions

Term life insurance with pre existing conditions is a short term coverage option. If you’re looking for a simple and basic policy that provides temporary coverage — then term life is the best choice.

No Medical Exam?

Can you skip the medical exam? It’s possible depending on your health and goals. It may be a better option to get a term life no medical exam policy. Some have simplified underwriting and you’ll be approved much quicker compared to a fully underwritten policy.

Health Class Ratings

Before you get life insurance, a company must rate you based on a list of qualification standards. This is called underwriting. If you’re in perfect health, you’ll get approved at Preferred Best (also referred to as Preferred Plus). On the other end of the spectrum is Substandard, or Table Rates. 

Here is a chart that will show you all the available ratings you may fall in when applying for life insurance.

Rate Class / Risk ClassPricing ResultCost Rank
Preferred Best / Plus50% of Standard1 (Least expensive)
Preferred63% of Standard2
Standard Plus / Select86% of Standard3
Table Ratings  
Table 1 / A25% over Standard5
Table 2 / B50% over Standard6
Table 3 / C75% over Standard7
Table 4 / D100% over Standard8
Table 5 / E125% over Standard9
Table 6 / F150% over Standard10
Table 7 / G175% over Standard11
Table 8 / H200% over Standard12 (Most expensive)

Where will you be rated?

Here is a quick list of some common health conditions and where they might be rated. These are generalized details. Your specific health and the company you apply with will be the biggest factors on your final rating.

Health ConditionsPreferred BestPreferredStandard Plus & StandardSubstandard-Table RatedGuaranteed Issue Only
Aids    X
Alcohol / Substance Abuse (sober at least 2 years)   X 
Alcohol / Substance Abuse (current)    X
Arthritis (Osteo)X    
Arthritis (Rheumatoid)   X 
Asthma (Allergy) X   
Asthma (Steroid Meds)   X 
Autistic Child    X
Blood Thinners   X 
Blood Pressure (controlled) X   
BP and Choleserol (Controlled) X   
Bronchitis  X  
Cancer (Basel cell)X    
Cancer (non Basal cell)  X  
Cardiovascular / Heart Disease   X 
Cholesterol (controlled)X    
Crohn’n Disease   X 
Depression (on-going)  X  
Depression (situational) X   
Diabetes   X 
Diabetes (A1C>10.1)    X
Emphysema   X 
Epilepsy   X 
Heart Attacks   X 
Hepatitis A or B  X  
Hepatitis C   X 
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)  X  
Kidney / Liver Disease   X 
Kidney Dialysis    X
Mental Illness   X 
Mutiple Sclerosis   X 
Stroke   X 
Sleep Apnea (CPAP Compliant)  X  
Ulcerative Colitis   X 

Simplifying the life insurance shopping experience

It can get quite complicated when you’re shopping for life insurance with preexisting condition. Buying life insurance with a preexisting health condition can be frustrating 


Why? Most people just don’t know underwriting works and how every company will look differently at your specific health. We help people everyday who have previously applied for life insurance with preexisting conditions – only to be denied or rated up.

They didn’t know that the life insurance company that they applied with was stricter than a competing company. Let’s look at why this can happen and how you can avoid it.

Getting approved Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

Getting life insurance for someone with pre existing condition will depend on a variety of factors. Your health is just one of the major factors. Health conditions are not looked at the same by every life insurance company. Each life insurance company has their own criteria for determining the health rating you’ll qualify for.

In other words, one company may rate you higher than another. Some are more strict than others depending on the health risk or medication. Finding the right company is key to affordable life insurance coverage.

Your health rating will ultimately decide what you will be paying for your life insurance. It will also determine if the life insurance company will even provide you an offer for life insurance. That is why it is so important that you understand how your health will affect your ability to buy life insurance.

Make sure you always use an independent life insurance agent who can find the companies who will give you the best chance of an approval. Don’t waste time guessing. Use an agent who is an expert and has the resources to shop your case. Choosing the wrong company can be the difference between getting cheap term life insurance or expensive coverage.

Reach out to us if you’re ready for a life insurance quote that is customized for your particular health condition.

Affordable Life Insurance with Preexisting Condition

As people live longer, term life insurance companies are becoming more willing to approve people that have preexisting health conditions. 

Working with an experienced agent is key. Make sure your agent has experience impaired risk life insurance.

An independent life insurance agent will give you the best chance with getting an approval for the life insurance you are seeking.

They can simply shop your case with all of the best life insurance companies. The more companies available to you will increase your chances of getting an approval at affordable rates. If you’re looking at a life insurance replacement, we can help with that too. Many of our clients have purchased a policy that was way more than they had to pay.

Qualifying for Life Insurance with Preexisting Health Conditions

As mentioned before, every life insurance company will look at your health differently when you apply for a policy. That means that some companies may deny you coverage while others may offer you a life insurance policy.

The life insurance companies that do offer may differ in the health class rating they offer. This means that your premium can vary significantly from company to company.

Shopping Life Insurance for Health Conditions

When helping our clients in the beginning stages, there are 2 areas we must focus on first. We ask specific questions your particular health conditions and your medications. Once we get a picture of your current and past health, we’re able to zero in on the best life insurance companies for you.

Which Companies Will Offer You Life Insurance Coverage?

Who are the best life insurance companies that accept pre existing conditions? Unfortunately there isn’t a “best” insurer for every condition. There are just too many factors that will make or break a company from being in the top 10.

Simply call us a call or get an instant quote here. We’ll provide you a customized quote and research all of your options. Every life insurance company will look at your health differently. We specialize in finding the life insurance companies that give you the best chance at an approval.

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