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At Life Insurance Blog, our mission is simply to find your the best policy at the lowest price. 

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How we do it

We are here to educate, research plans, and help you easily apply for the best life insurance policies available. It’s very difficult for the average consumer to know how to shop for life insurance. Plans are frequently changing, some have medical exams, and some companies are more strict with certain health conditions.

It’s just impossible for the average consumer to know if they’re getting the best deal on their own.

Life Insurance Blog is more than just a life insurance resource website. We don’t use any one specific life insurance carrier which allows us to shop from all the top rated life insurance companies for you.

You get the absolute BEST life insurance plan and the LOWEST price.


Select the Broker and not the Policy

It is in your best interest to not try and research, shop and apply all by yourself. You need to use an independent life insurance expert who can provide unbiased advice. Don’t use a big call center or go direct to the company. You won’t know if you’re getting the best rate for the policy you’re shopping for.

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Life Insurance Blog was created with you in mind. Our mission is to help everyday people get affordable life insurance coverage from top rated companies.

Hi, I’m Michael Quinn, the owner of the Life Insurance Blog. This website is your resource  to learn more about life insurance, compare rates among top life insurance carriers, and apply simply and conveniently. has been quoted and featured in major media outlets such as LifeHealthPro, USA Today and NerdWallet.

As an independent agent, I represent over 40 of the best life insurance companies in the country, and have each of them compete for your business. When you use my website to compare rates, your information won’t be sold to dozens of agents that won’t stop calling. My process is pressure free and I’m only here to help if you decide you’d like to speak with me.

I make the process of applying for life insurance hassle free, fast and simple.

Customer Service

While great effort has been made to remain small and client-focused, there are multiple teams across the country working for you to ensure you receive world-class solutions to your life insurance needs.

These vast resources allow the Life Insurance Blog team to bring you large agency planning & expertise, without large firm headaches. We aren’t a call center, so when you work with us – you’ll have a designated agent and team that works with you from start to finish.

Our process

No Pressure

We typically find that the majority of insurance agents end up selling life insurance the wrong way.

When we work with our clients, we find that education is key.

People are overwhelmed with how to qualify and all of the choices available. We take care of our clients and make sure they understand their choices and ultimately let them decide what policy works best for them.

Your Best Rate Shoppers

We usually don’t give out quotes when we first speak with you like most agents.

They want to sell you something quickly.  We find out what you can qualify for and research the best rates from over 40 companies.  (An agent that quotes you immediately- isn’t helping you. He’s trying to make a quick sale).

Friendly, Helpful Service

My staff isn’t some huge life insurance call center where you’re just a number.

You’ll begin by working directly with the Life Insurance Blog team- Michael Quinn & Joann Quinn.

We’ll take the time to ask you the right questions & listen to your goals in order to research all of your options.

If you have any issues with health, lifestyle, or have a complicated case; Our underwriter (who is also a physician) will assist in the research and make sure we’re applying with the best available companies.

Our back office support staff helps make the entire process of qualifying, applying and purchasing life insurance as easy as possible. We make sure you get the best plan by shopping for you before you apply and after your approval.

We truly love helping our clients and you’ll love the personal service that we provide.


Did you know that life-insurance prices are fixed by law?

Did you know that life-insurance prices are fixed by law?

That means you won’t get a better rate shopping the same plan from multiple brokers or going direct to the carrier. At Life Insurance Blog, we offer more companies, products and choices than the competition in order to save you money.


The Life Insurance Blog difference

Here is what you should expect when you work with life insurance experts. At Life Insurance Blog we deliver all of this and more.



Over 40 Top Rated Companies


Licensed Life Insurance Agents


Independent & based in the U.S.A


We are not a Call Center


Unbiased help and honest advice


Receive a personal agent from start to finish




Term Life Insurance


Whole Life

Whole Life Insurance



Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance

No Exam

No Medical Exam Life Insurance



Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance


Simplified Issue, Final Expense life insurance and More!


No Pressure

No pushy agents

Apply Online

Simple Online Applications



Communicate your preferred way:


Phone, Text and/or Email


Service from start to finish:

Complete Care

Your agent will research plans, help you apply & update you throughout the process

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The easy way to buy life insurance!

Buying life insurance is such a unique purchase and can be quite confusing and time consuming for new shoppers. Life Insurance Blog goes the extra mile with education, service and products.

Unbiased Advice

Life Insurance Blog will provide you impartial choices by shopping from over 40 top rated life insurance companies in order to get you the best life insurance policy at the lowest price.

Independent Professionals

We are licensed independent life insurance agents – not a call center. That means we only specialize in finding you the best term life insurance rates. Healthy, preexisting health conditions or high risk life insurance? We have you covered.

Experience & Service

You’ll work with your personal agent from start to finish. From quotes, comparing rates, applying, and updates leading up to your approval. We even make sure you get the best rate after you’re approved.

How about a No-Risk Guarantee?

Did you know that , depending on your resident state, you have up to 30 days after your policy is in force to return it for a full refund? There is no risk in applying and finding out what rate you’ll be approved for.


Save Up to 73% on Your Life Insurance Premium!

Want to know how a true life insurance expert can help you save up to 73% off your life insurance premium? Life Insurance Blog has access to more companies & products to make sure you get the best policy available to you.

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We’re independent and not stuck offering 1 life insurance company or even just a few companies. We can shop your specific case from dozens of term life insurance companies resulting in significant savings.

High Risk Specialists

Have a risky lifestyle or career? Need life insurance with a preexisting health condition? What’s the best company for elevated cholesterol levels, Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetics? We go the extra mile to find the specific company that looks at your risk the best- saving you time and money.

Special Attention

No two applicants are alike. That means that the company that gives one person the best deal may not be the best deal for you. We’ll find you the best deal.

Quick Quotes

Some agents just give you their best guess when providing life insureance quotes. We go the extra mile and find out directly from company underwriters what you should qualify for with Quick Quotes.

Medical Exam

If your policy requires a medical exam, we will conveniently schedule it at a time and place of your choice. There is no cost to you.

Personal Agent

With Life Insurance Blog, you will have your own personal agent to communicate with from start to finish. You never have to worry about contacting a new representative for every question.


Life Insurance Blog has access to every life insurance product you need. Term life insurance, No Exam Life Insurance, Whole Life, Guaranteed Universal Life, and more.

We Have Your Back

Even after your approval, we shop your case using your exam and medical records to make sure you’re getting the best policy available.


Premium Service

Your Life Insurance Blog independent agent is committed to:

life insurance agents


Answering all your life insurance questions clearly and providing expert advice.


Making sure that you’re an informed life insurance shopper that won’t buy an overpriced policy.



Researching the best life insurance policy for you at the lowest possible price from over 40 trusted companies.


You’ll be updated through the entire life insurance shopping process -from start to finish. 


Online Convenience

Life Insurance Blog will never have a salesperson come into your home.


Convenience is a top priority- no matter if you’re buying a No Exam life insurance policy or one with an exam. If your policy requires a medical exam (the only exception), you get to choose the time and place where it is to be scheduled. Everything else is conveniently completed online or over the phone.

Personal Policy Shopper

Save time and money with your personal agent. Life Insurance Blog does all of the heavy lifting and searches for the policy you want. Get customized life insureance quotes & apply with the top companies you’ll qualify for.


We focus on every single client and their unique needs in order to find the best policy at the best price. We know the top factors that affect life insurance rates and help you based on your goals, budget, health and lifestyle.


Your personal information is never sold and your privacy is protected.

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Pre-Existing Health Conditions

If you’re shopping for life insurance with Pre Existing Health Conditions, make sure you work with an independent agent like Life Insurance Blog. Every company will look at your health differently. This means that some companies will charge you less or more for the same exact condition. If you have a mild to severe health condition (such as Multiple Sclerosis, Hepatitis CCrohn’s Disease, etc.) – you will need an agent willing to go the extra mile to find you the best company……

life insurance with health conditions