Life Insurance Companies

Which company is best fit for you? Learn about all of the best life insurance companies in the marketplace.

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Life insurance companies

Which company is best for you? Read from over 40 life insurance company reviews to find out.

BEST LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIESShopping for the best life insurance companies can feel like a daunting task for many shoppers.

There are literally hundreds of life insurance companies to choose from.

Just know that finding the best life insurance company with the best rates doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to know the best way to shop life insurance.

Read our comprehensive life insurance company reviews below and you’ll get a great idea on how to find the best company for your goals.

You’ll learn about the top life insurance companies, their strengths & weaknesses and if they are a good fit for your life insurance needs.

life insurance prosTip: Get instant life insurance quotes now by simply completing our free quoter on the side of this post (Above if you’re on mobile). If you’re looking for our Life Insurance Companies Reviews, read our post below.

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Best Life Insurance Companies

There are hundreds of life insurance companies in the market and they are all competing for your business.

This competition is a great opportunity for the educated and smart shopper.

Each of these life insurance companies is potentially the perfect fit for your life insurance needs. But, what is the best life insurance company? That is going to depend on many factors.

Life Insurance CompanyA.M. BestS&PMoody's Fitch
Life Insurance CompanyA.M. BestS&PMoody'sFitch
American GeneralAA+A2A+
American National ANICOAA
AXA EquitableA+A+Aa3AA-
Fidelity LifeA-
Globe LifeA+AA-
Haven LifeA++AA+Aa2AA+
John HancockA+AA-A1AA-
ING ReliastarAAA2A
Liberty Bankers LifeB++
Lincoln FinancialA+A+Aa2AA+
Mass MutualA++AA+Aa2AA+
Minnesota LifeA+A+AAAA-
Mutual of OmahaA+A+A1
National Life GroupAA+A2
New York LifeA+AA-Aa3AA-
North AmericanA+A+
Primerica LifeA+
Principal LifeA+A+A1AA-
State FarmA++AA+Aa1AA
United Home LifeA-
Vantis LifeA-BBB+
William PennA+

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How To Choose the Best Life Insurance Company?

When you’re looking to purchase life insurance…

there are many factors that will determine which company to choose.

These life insurance factors will help determine which companies to focus on and which ones to eliminate.

life insurance tip and suggestionThere are some major questions that will need to be answered in order to know which life insurance companies to choose and which to avoid.

  • What is the type of life insurance you want?
  • How about the term length, death benefit amount, and potential riders?
  • How about your age, weight, lifestyle and health?

These answers play a huge role in which life insurance companies will offer, decline, or rate you up or down.

The combinations of all of these factors make finding the best life insurance company for your specific situation somewhat complicated for the average shopper.

If you are in perfect health, then it’s not a problem.  

However, most people have an issue or two that they are aware of.

Depending on the issue, it may cost you significantly more if you choose the wrong company.

An independent life insurance agent who has access to many life insurance companies will be able to research the best companies for you.

Which Life Insurance Company is Best?

Watch this quick video and see 2 examples of how shoppers often choose the wrong life insurance company.

One shopper has perfect health and one has some health issues.  Both want $200,000 in life insurance, but their health class ratings will be different – and that’s where we help our clients: Finding the best companies based on your unique health and lifestyle.

Life Insurance Company Reviews

Life Insurance Blog has access to over 60 of the nation’s top life insurance companies. Above are reviews of life insurance companies that you need to be aware of.

You’ll find information on how they stack up from other life insurance companies.

Our life insurance company reviews will provide you the strengths and weaknesses of those companies. Find out how their rates compare against the competition.

You’ll also learn how they rate certain health conditions.

life insurance helpWhat about your age?  Some life insurance companies may have competitive rates if you’re young, while other companies are more competitive at older age groups.

For more details about this topic, read our page life insurance rates by age.

Are you ready to start your research of the top life insurance companies?

Scroll up and read our reviews of some of the most well known life insurance companies in the market – as well as many you’ve probably never heard of.

Top Life Insurance Companies

Like we mentioned previously, the top life insurance companies for you will be determined by your individual health, needs and factors.

You can give us a call at 888-411-1329 for a personalized quote fill out our instant quoter to compare rates.

We’ll help you research the best life insurance companies that you will qualify for. If you want to get an idea of rates online, just use our free quoter on this page.

It’s simple, free and provides you instant life insurance quotes.

Top Fully Underwritten Life Insurance Companies

Below is a list of life insurance companies that offer great solutions for a variety of situations.

Fully underwritten term life policies require a medical exam. A fully underwritten policy will take approximately 6 weeks to get approved. If you’re in need of a quick approval, you’re going to want to focus on No Exam Life Insurance. We’ll go over No Exam life insurance companies right after fully underwritten companies.

All of the life insurance companies listed below are rated “A” or above by A.M. Best. This rating is a reflection on a company’s financial stability.

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Top Ten Best Life Insurance Companies

This list of best life insurance companies are listed in alphabetical order. The reason is that there is no “Number 1” company across the board for every single person. Each company has their strengths and weaknesses depending on your age, health, lifestyle, tobacco use and height/weight.

These Top 10 Best Life Insurance Companies are listed because of their value, frequency and history of low rates, and underwriting niches.

American General

The American General Life Insurance Company provides an all around life insurance solution for most people. They offer very competitive rates. American General also works well if you have a preexhisting health condition.  For cigar smokers, American General is an excellent choice. They offer non smoker rates for cigar smokers.

Banner Life

The Banner Life Insurance Company is a great choice even if you’ve never heard of them. They have been in the life insurance business since 1949. Banner Life provides extremely competitive rates for the majority of applicants. They are often in the top 3 for best life insurance rates. Banner is also a great choice for preexisting health conditions. Banner Life is a great choice for Type 2 diabetics.

Fidelity Life

Fidelity Life has been in operation for over a century and has been provided an “Excellent” security rating from A.M. Best. Fidelity Life now has over a hundred years experience. Fidelity Life is a leading life insurance company who is dedicated to innovate with the use of current technologies. Fidelity works to meet the life insurance needs of their current and future customers.

Genworth Financial

The Genworth Life Insurance Company has been around since 1871. It has over $100 billion in assets and is available for more than 25 countries worldwide. Genworth provides a variety of products including whole life, term life and guaranteed universal life insurance. If you’re needing term life, Genworth has policies between 10 and 30 year term.


ING Life Insurance rebranded into VOYA Financial in 2014 and is a great choice if you have a family history of cancer. ING looks at your personal health history and not your family’s. Most carriers look at family history and would rate you higher, say, if an immediate family member passed away from colon cancer. ING is also the go to company for SCUBA divers based on certain guidelines. For example, how deep you dive. Lastly, ING is great for individuals whose cholesterol levels are elevated.


Metlife Insurance Company is a great choice when you’re looking for increased coverage amounts. When shopping for term life insurance benefits over $500,000, MetLife is a great company to look at and compare. MetLife will provide life insurance for active duty military members.


Principal Life is is a member of the FORTUNE 500 and is a global investment management leader in addition to an excellent life insurance company. Principal Life is one of the best life insurance companies when it comes to ratings and financials. They have received and “A” rating from all of the major independent reviewers.


Protective Life offers some of the lowest term life insurance rates. It is also worth noting that Protective Life was given an A+ rating by A.M. Best. Protective has been in the life insurance business since 1907 and has more than $427 billion in active life insurance policies!


The Prudential Life Insurance Company provides great rates and opportunities for coverage for several situations.  They are a great option for individuals with a DUI, tobacco users, as well as a host of preexisting health conditions. If you have had a history of bladder cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, coronary artery diseas, diabetes, elevated liver function, mood disorders, or hepatitis C – Prudential is a great choice.


The Transamerica Life Insurance Company is an excellent choice when basing rates on age. Transamerica is extremely competitive with most age ranges. However, they really shine for the senior age group. Transamerica is a great choice if you have High Blood Pressure, recent weight loss, have a family history or have had a heart attack.

Just a reminder: Which life insurance company is the best for one person may not be the best for the next person. The best life insurance company in the world may not offer YOU the best rate because every company looks at your health differently.

The top 18 No Exam life insurance companies

What’s better than a Top 10? How about a Top 18?

Buying life insurance with no physical exam is becoming more popular due to convenience and speed. Sometimes shoppers are unaware how long a traditional life insurance policy takes (4-6 weeks or more) and want a policy quickly.

Click on 18 Best No Medical Exam Companies and learn everything you need to know about Non Medical Exam life insurance, companies and more! 

The good news is that no exam life insurance companies are available for you. If you’re looking to secure a policy quickly, here is a summary of the top 5 life insurance companies with no medical exam.

If you scroll down a little more, you can see our Top 18 No Medical Exam Life Insurance Companies infographic.

Foresters Financial

Foresters Financial received an “A” from A.M. Best who is renowned for their reviews of life insurance companies. They have deemed Foresters’ financial strength as excellent. Foresters approval of their non medical policy is approximately 10 minutes and comes with living benefits.


Principal Life offers the highest death benefit for a Non Medical Life Insurance policy. You can secure a $1,000,000 non med life insurance policy just as long as you are healthy. You must qualify for Principal’s preferred health classes. If not, you will have to take a medical exam for their life insurance policies.


Sagicor has a strong financial backing with an A.M. Best rating of A-. Their underwriting and approval process is fast. They are one of the quickest approvals. The entire application and approval process can take less than a half hour! Sagicor is a great choice for diabetic life insurance.


SBLI offers a great non medical exam product with a maximum face amount of $500,000. The SBLI non med option is available for ages 18-60. The length of term available are 10, 15, 25, and 30 year terms. Unfortunately this is not available for the states of MT or NY.


With a strong track record of customer satisfaction, Transamerica is always in the running for the top life insurance company. Transamerica is a great choice for seniors looking for life insurance coverage. The living benefits option is a popular feature and Transamerica provides that with your policy.


How about other life insurance comparison websites? This can make your search even more confusing because there is so much information on the internet.  Here is a review of Select Quote, a large call center website which may or may not meet your needs.

Life Insurance Shopping – The Smart Way

Make sure you shop the smart way when looking for a life insurance policy. Each life insurance company is different in how they qualify you. That means that one company may be a better fit for you based on your unique situation.

Your age, health, family history, tobacco use, occupation, driving history and more are analyzed by these companies.

At LifeInsuranceBlog, we have access to dozens of top rated life insurance companies. We don’t work with just 1 or a few. We use all of these companies in order to find the ones that will be the best fit for you. We’ll find the life insurance companies that will provide you the best coverage at the best rate that you can qualify for.

Call us at 888-411-1329 today and let’s find out!

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