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Guest Post Guidelines

Looking to create an incredible guest post for Life Insurance Blog? We’d love to post it! We’ve put together a list of guidelines for you to follow in order to make everything as simple as possible.

Great Original Content

This goes without saying right? However, we just want to be clear. LIB readers want articles that they can act on. They want articles that help them answer their questions quickly, clearly and in plain English. Everyone knows that life insurance is a boring topic, so content needs to be structured to keep them engaged. Word count should be around 1000 words.

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Quality Guidelines

As we’re sure you know, there is already so much content about life insurance. We have no interest in publishing low-quality blog posts. Quality is everythingWe look for original, practical, real-world examples that show real data, real successes — and even real failures.

No fancy jargon

We’re moving away from technical writing style into an “easier to understand” style. 

When writing for me, I’d appreciate it if you can try to produce a basic voice and simple tone as much as possible. The articles below is probably the best representation of the tone and voice that I want to appear online (professional, yet personal, and even occasionally funny).


I don’t want technical & confusing language. This can’t be overstated. I prefer the article to be written at about a 6th grade level so all of my readers will be able to understand.


I love great headlines and introductions. So please nail these. The headline needs a great hook to draw them in and has got to be good or no one will read it. This is especially true for the 1st paragraph. Readers should be on the 4th or 5th sentence and not even know that they’re already half way down the page.

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Formatting and Style

At LIB, we love bullet points, white space, bolding, italicizing, and numbered lists.

We love to use the three dots like this…

We really want our writers use all of the above to make the content easy to read.

For our introductions, we have started to write 1 sentence, then skip a line for the entire intro (almost always). This helps the eyes easily read the content. 

Below is a quick example:

How would you like to look into my secret bag of tricks that are used to save shoppers up to 70% off of their life insurance premiums?

Guess what? Today’s your lucky day!

… it just happens that I’ll be showing you the Top 10 Ways to save you thousands of dollars over the life of your policy.

Alert! You won’t get the same boring strategies that everyone tells you like “call an agent” (snore) or “ask your friend who their agent is” (yikes!).

I’m showing you the Best of the Best money saving strategies.

In today’s post I’ll walk you through our proven process that will save you money TODAY!

Notice how easy these are on the eyes, especially with the presence of SHORT sentences, italicized sentences, strategic bolding, etc:

Extra Tips

Please use some of the resources below and work them into the beginning of your articles. As you can see, the second sentence is simple to read; often has italics or uses the three dots…

It really helps break up the content and makes it easier to read.

As you get further along into your article, you’ll probably have several instances where you have a big chunk of content… maybe a 2 or 3 sentence paragraph. Please break these longer pieces of content like these examples:

Here are some great ways you can use to break up your larger blocks of content. You can use…

  • Look:
  • Why is this important?
  • Now:
  • The best part?
  • For example:
  • Sound silly?
  • It’s not.
  • It gets better/worse.
  • What’s the bottom line?
  • But here’s the kicker:
  • Let me explain:
  • But here’s the truth.

This is very helpful to my readers and important to me. It allows my readers to easily get through this subject matter and not be overwhelmed with a wall of text. 


We love providing links! We allow 1 DoFollow backlink to your preferred site. Please make sure your link is relevant to the article and naturally placed. We accept 99% of the links in this manner. Typically the only links we will not accept are links to lead generation landing pages or direct competition. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about the link you want to submit.


LIB will fully own the contents of the guest post. We do this to avoid guest posters publishing the same piece of content on their own site or even on other people’s sites. Of course if you want to link to the guest post from your own site, that’s fine. The rights to the content is the issue


We appreciate all the shares we can get. Please share your post from your personal social accounts, and your company account if you feel so inclined. 🙂

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