How to Get Approved for Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis

Unfortunately, it can  seem quite difficult to secure reasonable life insurance for anyone who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS).

However it is not impossible.

You just need need to work with an agency like ours, that specializes in high risk life insurance.

We believe that everyone has the right to life insurance and you shouldn’t have to pay some astronomical rate just to get it.

If you have been quoted ridiculous rates or have been declined completely, based solely on the fact you have MS, please request a quote with us using our contact us page.

You will see that it is possible to get approved for life insurance with Multiple Sclerosis.

Evaluating the Severity of Your MS

There are varying degrees of multiple sclerosis and the rate we can secure for you will depend on the severity of your individual case.

There are some details of your MS that we will first need to review before we can determine your personal risk and rate.

These questions will help us source your life insurance based on your own physical condition instead of a worse-case scenario.

The following criteria will be assessed for your insurance rate:

  1. Date you were diagnosed with MS?
  2. How often do you suffer from attacks?
  3. What symptoms of MS do you suffer from?

Multiple Sclerosis Life Insurance Rates

You will receive a lower life insurance rate if you have experienced mild symptoms of MS for a long period of time without it progressing.

On the other hand, your rates may be higher if you suffer from frequent attacks, especially if they result in moderate to severe disability.

Term-life insurance will most likely be the most affordable option regardless of the severity of your MS.

Which Life Insurance Company is Best?

We work with over 60 life insurance carriers and know which companies are more likely to approve someone with multiple sclerosis, so even if you have been turned down before it doesn’t mean you can’t get coverage.

In the best case scenarios, we’ve been able to help those that suffer with mild MS a Standard rate.

Most of the time however we are able to secure a table rating of anywhere between 2-6 depending on the severity of condition.

Table ratings are considered “sub standard”, and the higher the number, the higher the rate.

How to Get Approved for Life Insurance with Multiple Sclerosis

Please feel free to contact us with any question at 888-411-1329, and we can discuss getting a life insurance policy with Multiple Sclerosis.

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By: Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn

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