Life Insurance with Basal Cell Skin Cancer

Life Insurance With Basal Cell Skin Cancer
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    Have you been diagnosed with a Keratinocyte cancer, also known as Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Basal Cell Cancer? 

    If so, and you’re wanting to buy life insurance with Basal Cell skin cancer – you need to read this article.

    Life Insurance With Basal Cell Cancer

    Educated shoppers should ask a few important questions. If you’ve been diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Basal Cell, these are the questions that need to be answered before applying.

    • Can I qualify for a life insurance policy with Basal Cell?
    • How much will the life insurance cost with Basal Cell cancer?
    • Is the life insurance application process different with Basal Cell?

    Can I qualify for a life insurance policy with Basal Cell or Squamous Cell?

    The short answer is YES. 

    The majority of life insurance companies will want to know the answers to the following questions:

    • How old were you when diagnosed with skin cancer?
    • What was the type of skin cancer that you had?
    • How many times have you had skin cancer?

    The way you answer these questions will decide your health class rating category. Securing a life insurance approval with skin cancer mostly depends upon how often you’ve been diagnosed with Basal Cell or Squamous Cell. 

    Your agent should only be looking into life insurance companies that have favorable outcomes for skin cancer and preexisting health conditions.

    How much will the life insurance cost with Basal Cell cancer?

    Every life insurance company looks at your health history differently.  Your premium will be determined by the health class rating category you qualify for. The type of life insurance you want to purchase also affects the cost of your life insurance.

    For instance, the best rates are usually available for the majority of clients with 1-3 events of skin cancer. Assuming you’ve had no other health problems, you may qualify for preferred plus rates or preferred best rates.

    What if you have had more than 3 occurrences of skin cancer? 

    What if you happen to have received a diagnosed of malignant skin cancer or melanomaYou most likely will qualify for life insurance, but at a Standard or Table rated rating. 

    You believe you meet the requirements for should you be curious what your price tag would be, just enter your info and find out what the price is for your age and sex centered on the aforementioned rate course.

    Is the life insurance application process different with Basal Cell cancer?

    You have the option on applying with a No Medical Exam life insurance policy or a Medical Exam policy. Generally, a fully underwritten life insurance policy with a medical exam is the best strategy.

    A life insurance policy with a medical exam is most common way insurance is purchased and is usually less expensive.  The nurse or examiner takes a small blood and urine sample and typically comes to your residence and checks weight and your height. 

    It is very similar to a yearly checkup with your doctor. Your medical exam lab results are subsequently processed. The life insurance company then looks into your medical records and will request doctor statements.

    The company will also do a prescription medication database check. Life insurance companies want to see what medications you’re taking now and in the past. The life insurance company’s underwriter will then assess your risk. Once the risk is determined, they will offer you a health rate class based on your specific risk. Your assigned agent at will communicate with you all the way to the life insurance approval.

    We handle the entire process. You can relax and wait for the life insurance company to finalize your file and application.

    Life Insurance Companies Are All Different

    The life insurance business is very similar to every other business in the market. Markets compete and is always driving insurance insurance companies to get a piece of the pie. Consequently, life insurance companies focus on “niches” as a strategy to gain market share. It is vital that your agent understand these niches.

    Make sure that the life insurance agency you select has the ability to select from several skin cancer favorable life insurance companies. These companies should offer you the option for no exam life insurance and medical examination life insurance. This will make sure you’re getting the top coverage tailored to your unique needs.

    Squamous Cell and Basal Cell Review

    Both squamous cell and basal cell really are a kind of non-melanoma skin cancers. These cancer types are usually located on areas that were exposed to the sun. Basal Cell & Squamous Cell are usually treated by using simple surgery techniques.  

    The dermatologist or plastic surgeon simply removes the affected portion out of skin. This totally removes the skin cancer. 

    Typically, no further treatment will be needed once the surgery is complete.

    Bottom Line

    Life Insurance for cancer patients is available even if you’ve been recently diagnosed. With Life Insurance Blog, you’ll have an assigned life insurance agent dedicated to you. When you work directly with us, your agent is available to you personally throughout the application process. You’ll be provided status updates as you go through underwriting. If needed, your policy will be reviewed after approval to ensure that you received the very best life insurance rates available!

    Are you ready to get coverage? Just give us a call to find out what we could do for you personally! Thanks for reading our article, Life Insurance with Basal Cell skin cancer. Please leave a comment or question below.

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