Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

Life Insurance With Hepatitis C
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    Life insurance with Hepatitis C is quite possible for many. If you have Hepatitis C and have been declined the life insurance you may have not applied with a life insurance company that is best suited to your specific needs. Chances are the agent you decided to use simply was not knowledgeable of the best life insurance companies to apply with.

    How to Get Life Insurance with Hepatitis C

    Life Insurance with a Medical Condition

    Here are 7 steps you should follow if you're wanting to get approved for coverage.
    Total Time Needed: 30 minutes

    Required Tools:

    - Computer.
    - Phone.

    Things Needed?

    - Independent licensed agent

    Steps to get approved with the best life insurance companies

    Step 1: Work with an independent agent
    With Acid Reflux, make sure to use an independent life insurance agent that has access to multiple companies.
    Step 2: Communication
    Your agent will listen about your Acid Reflux as well as your goals for coverage. They will also ask you the questions that a life insurance company underwriters will want to know about your GERD.
    Step 3: Shopping the competition
    Your agent is like your personal shopper. They will find the best life insurance company that will approve you and give you the best deal for GERD.
    Step 4: Choose your company and policy
    Once the bests companies have been found, you can choose the policy that meets your specific needs, goals and budget.
    Step 5: Apply
    Your agent will help you apply quickly and easily online or over the phone. Most companies provide e-signatures and e-delivery so you can submit your application as quickly as possible.
    Step 6: Underwriting
    After submitting the application you will begin the underwriting process. Once that has been completed you will know if you’ve been approved.
    Step 6: Purchase your policy
    Once your application is approved you may purchase your life insurance policy and put it in force.

    Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

    After all, some life insurance carriers only choose to insure people with out pre-existing conditions whatsoever.

    If one of these companies received your application, you likely would have been denied coverage due to your having Hepatitis C.

    Thankfully, all hope is not lost, because we work closely with the best insurance carriers who will make obtaining life insurance with Hepatitis C easier than you thought possible.

    Fortunately, we’ve been able to help countless individuals with Hepatitis C find carriers who have provided them with the coverage they need at a price they can afford.

    In fact many of our clients have been denied coverage by another life insurance carrier.

    Thus, the key to finding life insurance coverage at the best rate possible for those with Hepatitis C is choosing the right life insurance company for your specific health, goals and liver testing results.

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    Obtaining Life Insurance with Hepatitis C

    When life insurance companies consider approving someone with Hepatitis C they determine whether or not to approve coverage based upon two factors: whether or not the Hepatitis C is in remission and how much damage the liver has sustained.

    Those that have experienced a sustained remission with very little damage done to the liver will be able to obtain the most competitive life insurance rates.

    In these cases, the majority of clients are able to achieve standard rates, which are much less costly than rates associated with higher risk profiles.

    People with minor liver damage from Hepatitis C will often be considered riskier, but they are still able to achieve the insurance they need.

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    If you fall into this category the insurance company may ask to see a recent liver biopsy result that shows only minor liver damage. A biopsy can be from as long as five years ago, but the more recent the biopsy is, the better your rates are likely to be.

    Life Insurance Companies for Hepatitis C

    Some companies are more strict and some are more lenient when it comes to approving Hepatitis C applications.

    We work directly with top insurance companies that are much more understanding and favorable to people with risky medical conditions like Hepatitis C. You can leverage our network and our experience in this field to get the coverage you need for you and your family.

    Pro Tip: The best and fastest way to get coverage is to get a customized quote based on your specific health and Hepatitis C details. Get started here.

    Qualifying for Life Insurance with Hepatitis C

    The infographic below goes over what most life insurance companies will want to know about your Hepatitis C.

    how to get life insurance with hepatitis c

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    Top 8 Hepatitis C Questions Life Insurance Companies Will Ask

    Life insurance companies need to know details about your present and past health before they will offer you a policy.

    Here are 8 questions that life insurance carriers will want to know about your Hepatitis C:

    1. What was the date of your diagnosis?
    2. What diagnostic tests were performed?
    3. Were you diagnosed with Chronic Active Hepatitis C, Acute Viral Hepatitis C, or Chronic Persistent Hepatitis C?
    4. Do you currently drink alcohol? If so, how much and how often do you drink?
    5. What medications are you currently taking? If so, what is the quantity and frequency of your medication usage?
    6. Are your liver enzymes under control? What were the test results of your liver function enzymes?
    7. How frequently do you visit your physician to monitor the condition of your Hepatitis C?
    8. Do you have any other medical conditions or health issues?

    Buying Life Insurance with Hepatitis C

    It’s important to know the answers to these questions and have as much information as possible when contacting an agent. With these details in hand we will be able to match you with the carrier that will provide you with the best rate.

    Our years of experience in underwriting Hepatitis C life insurance policies has propelled us ahead of the pack when it comes to finding coverage for clients with Hepatitis C. If you have Hepatitis C and are in need of life insurance, contact us now. We specialize in high risk life insurance, and we can help you get approved for life insurance as soon as today!

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