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Gun Violence Statistics

Gun accidents and violence cause tens of thousands of deaths each year. The statistics and charts below statistics provide a granular look into the number of deaths caused by guns. Table of Contents GUN DEATHS There is an average of 36,000 Americans who are annually killed by guns. That’s an average of just over 100 …

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Leading Causes of Death

Leading Causes of Death Death Data and Mortality Statistics – The Definitive Guide This article and all of its visualizations will help to explain the causes of death across age groups and locations.  The charts and graphics below are interactive, so make sure to click around and hover your mouse over the data to experience …

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Interesting Facts About Life Insurance

facts about life insurance Statistics – 20 Suprising Stats

Life Insurance Statistics Raise your hand if you love facts about life insurance statistics! What…nobody? What about life insurance trivia? Still nobody? Well perhaps we’re a little wacky at LIB because we put together a bunch of life insurance fun facts for you. In fact (no pun intended), we have over 20 Interesting Insurance facts …

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