Vantis Life Insurance Company Review

Vantis Life Insurance Company Review

Vantis Life Insurance Company Review: When you’re in the market for a life insurance company, you are faced with an array of top rated life insurance companies to choose from. One company that you may come across in your research is Vantis Life Insurance. However, is it everything you need and want from a life insurance business? It does provide a great policy for many people, but is it for everybody?

Vantis Life Insurance Company Review

The Vantis Life Insurance Company offers term life and permanent life insurance products. They also provide medical exam and no medical exam life insurance policies. Will Vantis be the life insurance company that is best for you? Let’s find out some more about Vantis life insurance.

A Look At The History of Vantis Life Insurance

Vantis Life Insurance, which is based in Windsor, Conn., was originally named The Savings Bank Life Insurance Company when it was established in 1942. Currently, there are more than $4.9 billion in active life insurance policies with the company.

However, Vantis isn’t just a life insurance company; it also sells a mortgage protection policy as well as annuities. The mortgage protection policy is designed to pay the balance of an insurer’s outstanding mortgage balance when they pass away.

If you’re interested in any of its policies, you can buy one from nearly any financial institutions as well as its customer service line and website. Bear in mind that Vantis isn’t available in all states, so you may be unable to purchase any insurance products from their company.

Vantis Life Insurance Company

Name(s): Vantis Life Insurance Company; Vantis Life Insurance Company of New York


200 Day Hill Road
Windsor, Connecticut 06095

Phone: (866) 826-8471

Ratings:  A.M. Best (A-), Comdex (59), Standard & Poor’s (BBB+)

What Life Insurance Products does Vantis Offer?

Vantis provides an array of life insurance products for consumers to choose from – either with permanent life insurance or term life.

Vantis Term Life Insurance

Vantis offers the standard term life options. You can choose from a policy size of $100,000 to $5 million with coverage lasting anywhere from 10 to 30 years.

Its Super EZ Life insurance policy provides a no-medical exam coverage option for policy ranges of 10, 15 or 20 years. The simplest plan the company offers is the EZ Life plan. However, it has a benefits cap of $300,000. This means it won’t provide a larger death benefit compared to the traditional term policies that require medical exams.

  • Super EZ Term Life Insurance – This policy is a term life plan for death benefit protection only and no accumulation for cash value. It has a death benefit coverage consumers can choose from of 10 to 20 years. Applicants do not need to undergo a medical exam. It also offers up to $300,000 in coverage.
  • VantisTerm Life Insurance Coverage – This policy allows applicants to attain a policy with a length of 10 to 30 years. Both the death benefits and premium rates are locked in with a coverage range of $100,000 to $5M. People must be at least 21 years of age to apply.
  • VantisTerm ROP Plan – This life insurance policy comes with extras such as the “Return of Premium” feature. With this plan, you get your premium back if you live past the term’s policy.

Vantis Permanent Life Insurance

Vantis also provides permanent life insurance policies, some with values of $5 million. With premiums paid, the policies stay active and accumulate a cash value over time. This is money you can borrow or withdraw if you need it.

Guaranteed Golden Life Insurance – This coverage is provided to people ages 50 to 80, with no need to undergo a physical examination for qualification. There are also no health questions for consumers to answer. Since it’s a permanent life insurance policy, once coverage has been approved, it’s only canceled if the premium isn’t paid.

Super EZ Complete Life Insurance Coverage – Another no-medical exam required policy, you can get a permanent life insurance policy of up to $100,000.

The company also offers other products tailored to children and older citizens. You can also modify any of its plans by adding protections and riders.

Vantis’ Other Products

Along with its life insurance products, the company provides annuities, which are similar to retirement accounts that offer stable income to retired people who paid into the account while they worked. Vantis provides several annuity products with various term lengths, values and payment amounts. If you want an annuity, you may want to look at all the options in your area before you settle on one.

Are There Any Disadvantages With the Vantis Life Insurance Company?

There can be disadvantages with any life insurance company. The most important thing shoppers need to be aware of is that Vantis may or may not be the best fit for your particular situation or health. Some companies may be a better fit depending on your specific health and lifestyle.

There is no real disadvantage to using Vantis Life for your life insurance needs. Even the fact that you have to choose it over other respectable companies is no disadvantage. The best thing you can do is your research.

Does Vantis Life Insurance give you everything you need and more? Is it lacking in coverage that you may need?

Should You Consider Vantis Life Insurance?

Vantis offers a variety of products that consumers can take advantage of including but not limited to:

  • EZ Life
  • Children’s Life Insurance
  • SuperTerm
  • SuperTerm ROP Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance

If you are looking for insurance options, Vantis should be one of the companies to consider. Thankfully though, the age of the Internet has enabled consumers to do quick comparison shopping and attain no-hassle quotes. What do you see is best for you?

Vantis Life Bottom Line

At Life Insurance Blog, we’ll help make sure you’re applying with the company that will provide you the best rate for your situation. Whether it is Vantis Life Insurance or another company- we’ll provide you unbiased advice. How? We have access to dozens of the best life insurance companies in the market. We work for you to find the ones that meet your needs at the best rates you can qualify for. We’ll provide you your options such as life insurance policies with or without a medical exam.

Are you ready to get going? Contact us today at 888-411-1329 or get a free instant quote on this page using our Life Insurance Quoter. We’ll help you get the best coverage from start to finish.

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