20 Year Term Life Insurance

20 year term life insurance

Most shoppers of a 20 year term life insurance policy are looking to provide income replacement to their beneficiary in the event they would die within the next two decades. Young adults often put off buying life insurance because they either think it’s too expensive or they don’t need it. However, we all know that tragedy and misfortune can happen at anytime unfortunately. Without the protection of life insurance, your loved ones can be put in financial hardship overnight.

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20 Year Term Life Insurance

The most common term life insurance purchase that is request at Life Insurance Blog is for 20 year term. Here are two of the most common reasons for buying 20-year term life are:

  • Family: Life insurance for family protection is the most common reason for life insurance. If you have children, a spouse or elderly parents who may need your help- then securing coverage with a 20-year term life insurance policy is a great choice.
  • Business: Business life insurance is another common reason of coverage. You many need to fund a buy sell agreement or buy coverage for Key Person life insurance.

20 year term life insurance rates

Life insurance shoppers love to compare rates. Everyone wants to know the cost of 20 year term life insurance to get an idea if it’s affordable, but first, as a smart shopper you need to understand the following:

  • Online Quote Accuracy: When you use instant online life insurance quote calculators, you may not receive accurate quotes. This is because the instant quote calculators don’t know your health and risk status. They’re great for giving you rates that you MAY qualify for, however- qualifying is the key word. Your Life Insurance Blog agent will be happy to help you get the most accurate quote.
  • Shop around: Always compare multiple quotes from multiple companies. Make sure you get quotes from a few different health classes too so you get an idea of what your rate could be based on “Best case” vs “Possible” approvals.

20 year term life insurance quotes

There is no perfect life insurance company that sells the best 20-year term life insurance policy. However, at Life Insurance Blog, we can help you find the right company for your unique situation. Life Insurance Blog finds the best life insurance companies you’ll qualify for and place you with the best one that meets your specific health, needs, and lifestyle.

There are a few factors that will determine how much your 20 year term policy will cost. Your health, age, and lifestyle are just a few that affects your premium.

Here are some 20 year level term life insurance rates that we’ve broken down for you.

Sample 20 Year Term Life Insurance Rates

How much 20-year term life insurance cost? We’ve put together a list of the average 20 year term life insurance rates for ages 20-70 below.

20 year term life insurance rate chart

All rates are based on 20 year term for a healthy non smoking man at Preferred rates. Sample quotes are for comparison purposes only and are subject to change.

20 Year Term Life Insurance Rates for Ages 20-29


20 Year Term Life Insurance Rates for Ages 30-39


20 Year Term Life Insurance Rates for Ages 40-49


20 Year Term Life Insurance Rates for Ages 50-59


20 Year Term Life Insurance Rates for Ages 60-69


20 Year Term Life Insurance Rates for Ages 70-79


Looking for more? Visit our average term life insurance rates by age article to learn more.

What is 20 year term life insurance?

Now that you’ve seen average 20 year term life insurance rates, let’s answer a question that you may be asking: What is a 20 year term life insurance policy? Let’s review some key features, options and shopping tips for 20 year term life.

Term Length

When buying term life insurance, there are a couple of options that shoppers need to consider. The first is how much coverage and the second is the term length.

With term life insurance, you’re buying short term coverage vs permanent coverage like whole life or universal life insurance.

Term life policies will cover you for the term length you purchase. The most popular term lengths are 10, 20, and 30 year term. There are some companies that offer 1, 5, 15 and 25 year terms as well. The length of your term will have an effect on what your monthly or annual premium will cost. The longer the term- the more expensive the policy.

So a 30 year term $750,000 life insurance policy will be more expensive compared to a 20 year term. Is that the right amount and term length for you?

Additional term lengths

If you’re not sure if 20 year term is right for you, look into these other articles:

Who buys 20-year term?

There are many factors that determine how much coverage you need and how long your term coverage will last. Do you have a mortgage? How long until it is paid off? Do you have children? How young are they? Let’s look into the top reasons to buy 20 year term life insurance.

1. Mortgage

If you have at least 20 years remaining on your mortgage, a 20 year term policy is a no brainer. You’ll need to see how much remains on your mortgage as well as other financial situations that your life insurance policy needs to protect.

2. Budget

Most hard working people are on a budget these days. For many shoppers, their paycheck is automatically going in a variety of places. Mortgage is one of the biggest, but there you have utilities, cell phone, car payments, credit cards and more. With 20 year term, you’re getting a good blend of coverage length and premium cost. It’s cheaper compared to 30 year term, but provides longer coverage compared to 10 year term life insurance.

3. Children

Do you have children? How old are they? Is college in their future? You will need to calculate how much coverage is needed to protect them now and through their college years.

4. Retirement

If you plan on retiring in the next 20 years, then a 20 year term could be a great choice. You may not need the protection like you did in your twenties or thirties. If you have kids, they are probably approaching the ages of becoming independent. A 20 year term is often a good choice to provide coverage for a wide variety of situations in your 40s and 50s.

5. Debt

Did you know that your spouse may have to pay off all your debts if you die? It will depend on the kind of debt and your resident state, but yes- that’s a possible scenario. You spouse could be on the hook for credit card debt, outstanding car payments and others. This could make an already stressful time more difficult.

What’s better- 20 year term or 30 year term life?

Choosing between 20 or 30 year term life insurance is important. Let’s look into some key reasons why one might be better than the other.

Customizing your policy is important not only for you budget, but for what’s most important- protecting your family. 20 year term life is a good coverage length to help protect your children until they’re grown. 20 year level term life insurance rates are less expensive compared to 30 year term and will provide you peace of mind during this next stage in your life.

20 year term life insurance no medical exam

Life insurance shoppers have so many choices today. Not only with term length and coverage amounts, but with life insurance types.

You have the option to skip a medical exam with no exam life insurance. With a 20 year term life insurance no medical exam policy, you can shave off weeks of underwriting and get a policy much faster. Life insurance typically takes 4-6 weeks when a medical exam is used to get a term policy. At Life Insurance Blog, we have access to carriers that can issue your policy the same day as the application.

Bottom line

Most people could benefit from some type of life insurance coverage. You have no idea what will happen tomorrow or next week. While permanent life insurance policies like guaranteed universal life insurance may be costly for most, a term life policy provides coverage at affordable prices.

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