I Have Crohn’s Disease. Can I Get Life Insurance?

I Have Crohn’s Disease Can I Get Life Insurance

I have Crohn’s disease Can I get life insurance?

If you’re worried you can’t get life insurance with Crohn’s disease, stop that negative thinking right now. Even if a provider has declined you before, you still have a very real possibility of getting term life insurance coverage. We are here to work for you, and we will help you find a company that insures people with Crohn’s disease. Even better, we’ll help you find the best rates possible for someone with your preexisting condition.

In order to make the process easier for yourself, it helps if you know what to expect. Keep reading for more details on getting life insurance with Crohn’s disease, but keep in mind that you can call us at any time.

What Are Insurance Companies Looking At?

It is true that not all insurance providers offer life insurance to those with Crohn’s disease or are willing to insure anyone with a pre-existing condition. However, working with our insurance agency can and will make all the difference when it comes to getting approved for coverage.

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We have extensive experience finding the best life insurance rates for people with Crohn’s, and we know what insurance providers are looking for. Please be prepared to answer the following questions so we can get them the information they need to insure you:

History of Episodes:

1. When were you diagnosed, and what was date your most recent episode?

2. How many episodes have you had?

3. How many episodes have you had in the last six months?

4. How many episodes have you had in the last five years?



1. What medications are you on?

2. When have you taken them (dates)?

3. What is the quantity taken (dosage amount)?

4. How frequently do you take them?


1. Have you ever been hospitalized for this illness? If so, when?

2. Has your physician recommended surgery? If so, will it be completed and when?

3. Have you had surgery? If so, please list the type and when it was performed.

4. Have you ever been disabled due to your condition?

5. Have you been diagnosed with any other medical conditions?

What Kind Of Rates Can I Expect?

What you pay for coverage is largely determined by life insurance health ratings. If your Crohn’s disease is not that severe (you’ve only had a few episodes) and you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, you may be able to obtain a Standard health rating. A 35-year-old man seeking $250,000 in coverage for 15 years with a Standard health rating will likely be offered rates between $20 per month and $45 per month.

Now, if you’ve had more than a few episodes, but manage to keep your condition under control with treatment, you will likely get a Substandard rating falling between 2 and 4. If you need to take frequent steroids, have had surgery and/or require surgery, your rating will likely fall between 6 to 8. The more severe your condition, the higher your rates will be. You can, however, help keep them as low as possible by not using tobacco products and living a healthy lifestyle.

Crohn’s case study

We recently helped a client secure life insurance with Crohn’s disease. He was recently declined from a company and was worried he couldn’t get any coverage. He found us online and we started to research companies for him. We sent out Quick Quotes to all the top rated life insurance companies and received back a wide range of offers as well as denials. We applied with the best offer and got him approved at Table 4 and he was extremely pleased to finally get coverage.

So, What Next?

Even if you have been denied coverage in the past because of Crohn’s disease you may still be eligible for policies with other insurance providers. Sometimes, all it takes is working with an independent insurance agency. We have access to a variety of insurance carriers, and will work to find the one that best suits you and your situation.

To get started, give us a call today at 888-411-1329 or fill in our request form on this website. We will get in touch as soon as possible so we can determine your needs, and we will then work to get you the best rate possible for term life insurance with Crohn’s disease.

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