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How to determine your life insurance health class

How to determine your life insurance health class rating? For the average person, figuring out how to determine their life insurance health class can get a bit overwhelming.  

How much you pay on your policy begins with finding your health class.

Most people have no idea what to select when starting out and filling out free online life insurance quoters.

This article will help you understand what to select when completing an online life insurance quoter.

Understanding How To Determine Your Life Insurance Health Class Rating

Online life insurance quoters typically have 4 health classes.  

Every company will base rates on each of these 4 health classes.

Understanding how to determine your life insurance health class will save you from frustration.

Life insurance health classes

Our online quoter contains 4 health classes to choose from:


Preferred Plus

Preferred Best is the best health rating a company will offer you.  Some companies will use the title “Preferred Plus” instead.  There is no difference between Preferred Best and Preferred Plus.


Preferred is the next best health class.  Preferred rates will be higher than Preferred Best rates.

Regular Plus

Regular Plus is the next health class.  Regular Plus rates will be higher than Preferred rates.  Some companies use the title “Standard Plus” instead of “Regular Plus”


Regular is the next health class rating.  You will pay a higher rate than Regular Plus.  Some companies use the health class title “Standard” instead of “Regular”.  They are the same.
How to determine your life insurance health class rating

Health Class Rating Factors

There are several factors that go into the life insurance health class.  

Your height, weight, medical history, your present health, your driving record, and your age all play a factor in what you’ll pay.

There are additional criteria that each company will look at during the underwriting process.  

If you have an impairment, the severity and treatment of it may cause a higher class rate.

When completing our quoter, you must select a health class.  

For the most part, life insurance companies use typical insurance rate guidelines when determining health classes.  

However, some companies vary significantly.

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Life Insurance Health Classes aren’t standardized

There aren’t a standard set of rules and guidelines that each company follows for each class.  

Some companies may be more lenient than others with tobacco use, cholesterol level, height and weight.

This makes selecting your health class a bit more challenging for the average user.  

The good news is that all the companies use a general guideline to determine your class.

What is my life insurance health class?

Remember, all companies rate differently.  

However, here is an example of of just one life insurance company’s underwriting guidelines.

This will help you see the different criteria that life insurance companies use to determine your health class.  

It may also help you get an idea of what class you may fall in.

Health Rating Comparisons

Minor or Major differences in health ratings?

The above comparison chart was an example of typical health ratings from one company.  

As stated before, all companies rate differently.  

Companies do not follow a set standard across the board.

With that said, a good number of companies rate similarly to the example above with some minor differences in criteria.  

However, there are a number of companies that have major differences in how they rate certain criteria.

Finding the Life Companies for Your Health Class

buy term life insuranceIf you have any sort of risk factor – your health class will be adjusted accordingly.  

This doesn’t mean that your risk factor will be adjusted the same from company to company.  

Finding the right company for your particular risk factor is where your independent agent should shine.

Let’s focus on a basic risk factor like Tobacco use.

Seems pretty simple and direct, right?

Not really.

When I speak to a client for the first time and they inform me that they are a tobacco user I begin to ask the following questions:

  • What type of tobacco have you used?  Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, eCigarettes, Chewing Tobacco, Nicotine gum?
  • Frequency of tobacco use?
  • If you quit, how long ago?

These answers can greatly influence which company will be best for you.

Let’s say you are a cigar smoker.  

You may end up paying significantly more than you need to if your agent doesn’t have a large pool of companies to shop from.


There are companies out there that will rate you the same as a heavy cigarette smoker even if you smoke a few cigars a month.

This means your premiums will be higher.

However, there are also companies that allow you to smoke cigars occasionally and provide you with Non-Smoker rates

If your agent doesn’t know this…

…or doesn’t have these companies to offer you, you’ll be stuck with higher rates.

This is just one example from one basic risk factor, but the process to find these companies are the same.

Your agent needs to have access to many companies in order to get the best rates.

life insurance helpThere are niche companies that look more favorably for all types of risk factors.  Diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.  

You want to be sure your agent takes the time to find out your current and past history in order to find these companies that will rate you the most favorably.

Please feel free to fill out my life insurance quoter to find the lowest rates available.

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I look forward to helping you.

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