Fidelity Life Association Company Review

Fidelity Life Association Company Review

Fidelity Life Association is just one of the many life insurance companies that LifeInsuranceBlog represents. Are you completely healthy? Do you have a preexisting health condition? Do you want a policy with a medical exam or is a non medical life insurance policy a more desirable option?

Our Fidelity Life Association Company review will provide details and information on the Fidelity Life Association which will help you decide if they are the right fit for your life insurance needs.

Fidelity Life Association Company Review

fidelity no exam life insuranceThe Fidelity Life Association Insurance Company provides life insurance solutions to the majority of the United States. They are licensed in 48 out of 50 States (New York and Wyoming) including the District of Columbia.

Fidelity Life has been in operation for over a century. Started back in 1896, Fidelity Life was a fraternal benefit society originally. They were actually called the Mystic Workers of the World when they began. In 1930, they changed their name to what we know it as today: Fidelity Life.

Fast forward to today. Fidelity Life has over a hundred years experience. They are a leading competitor who is dedicated to innovate with the use of current technologies and meet the life insurance needs of their current and future customers.

Fidelity Life Insurance Products

The Fidelity Life Association has solutions for a wide range of consumer needs. Fidelity offers a variety of term life and permanent life insurance products, like whole life, to the consumer. Each of these products has flexible options that can fit the individual needs of the policy holder.

The life insurance policy that is best for you will be determined of several factors. These include your health, age, and the amount of coverage you are wanting. Is Fidelity the best company if you aren’t in great health or have a preexisting health condition? It will often depend on the specific health condition.

*If you have a risky health condition or hobby, the top life insurance companies in USA will depend on your specific situation. Contact us at 888-411-1329 and we’d be happy to provide you a customized quote.

.Term Life Insurance

.TERM LENGTH – Fidelity offers their eTerm Express with the following term lengths:

.DEATH BENEFIT – Fidelity offers death benefits of:

  • $100,000 – $500,000 (Your age will determine the allowed maximum)
  • $300,000 if you are a “Stay At Home” spouse
  • $200,000 if you are a Student

.Permanent Products

  • Whole Life
  • Hybrid Life

Fidelity Life No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Fidelity Life offers an easy and quick non medical life insurance plan. By offering the Rapid App, applicants can get life insurance fast. There are 4 Rapid Decision policies that Fidelity Life offers. It is one of the life insurance industries fastest life insurance products on the market.

  1. Rapid Decision Guaranteed Issue
  2. Rapid Decision Final Expense
  3. Rapid Decision Whole Life and Senior Life Term
  4. Rapid Decision Express

Fidelity Life Rapid Decision Guaranteed Issue

This product is for applicants ages 50-85. The guaranteed issue plan will cover final expenses and funeral costs. Thee are no medical questions or medical tests to qualify. This is a graded product which means that the 1st 3 years are a reduced benefit. Once the 3 years have passed, the entire $20,000 whole life benefit is available.

Rapid Decision Final Expense

With final expense life insurance, you’re looking to cover your funeral and any other “final expenses.” This plan does not have a medical exam, but it does have qualifying health questions. It is for applicants ages 50-85 and has a maximum death benefit of $35,000.

Rapid Decision Whole Life and Senior Life Term

This plan has a maximum death benefit of $150,000 and is for applicants ages 50-85 years old.

Rapid Decision Express

This product gives you a level death benefit all the way up to age 95. This is a great product for seniors due to the quick application and approval process.

Fidelity’s Financials Ratings

Fidelity Life has been provided an “Excellent” security rating from A.M. Best. A.M. Best is one of the top independent agencies that rate life insurance companies. With a rating of “A-” Fidelity Life shows that they are a strong financial company.

Additional Information

We frequently receive questions about Fidelity Life Insurance. Here you’ll find some additional information that may help in your decision if Fidelity Life is the right company for you.


  • Very fast underwriting and approvals with the majority of approvals coming in 1 day or less.
  • A great number of products offered, especially for advanced age groups.
  • Renewable up to age 95. This is guaranteed and must be done annually.


  • The number of health classes are limited. May be a poor fit depending on your health.
  • Premium cost can be higher than other Non Medical Life Insurance companies.

Issue Age Limits: 18-65

Risk Classes Available:

  • Preferred
  • Standard
  • Rated
  • Standard Tobacco
  • Rated Tobacco

Conversion Information

Fidelity Life provides a conversion option. You can convert your term life insurance policy in your first 10 years to a permanent life insurance policy (or up to age 65 – whichever one comes first). You will not have to undergo underwriting, medical exam or answer health questions in order to convert.


Fidelity Life offers offers additional life insurance riders to their policies.

  • Accelerated Death Benefits
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Child Rider

Fidelity Life Company Details

Name(s):Fidelity Life Association, Members Mutual Holding Company


8700 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.
Ste. 900S
Chicago, Illinois 60631

Phone: (630) 522-0392

Ratings: A.M. Best (A-)


Is Fidelity Life the best company for you?

Fidelity Life is just one of over a hundred companies available. Is Fidelity Life the best life insurance company for you?

At Life Insurance Blog, we make sure to find the best deal and company for shoppers before and after they apply for life insurance.

What does that mean? It means that if you’re not happy with the policy that is approved, we’ll continue to shop your lab results with all the available companies.

This guarantees that you get the best policy at the lowest price for your specific lifestyle and needs.

Thank you for reading our article, Fidelity Life Insurance Company Review. Please give us a call at 888-411-1329 if you have any questions about Fidelity Life or anything related to life insurance.

To learn more about life insurance, make sure to visit our page Life Insurance 101 and find out all the shopping and insider tips to buying life insurance.



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