NCE Generations Plus Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

NCE Generations Plus Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
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    Looking to see if NCE one of the best guaranteed issue life insurance carriers? If you’re looking to get life insurance without any medical questions, then NCE Generations Plus Guaranteed Issue life insurance might be the perfect fit for you. Life insurance typically involves extensive underwriting and qualifying measures before you can actually buy it.

    No More Denials- YOU’RE APPROVED!

    The coverage NCE provides an excellent option for individuals who have been previously denied or can’t get traditional life insurance due to an uninsurable health risk. You don’t have to stress about health questions or strict underwriting guidelines.

    Simply put, everyone between ages 18 and 75 are approved!

    How to Apply

    At Life Insurance Blog, we’ll personally guide you through the over the phone application. It takes less than 15 minutes to complete and it’s done entirely over the phone and online!

    The NCE Generations Plus is fast and convenient, but there are some conditions that you must be aware of.

    • Who  is Eligible – Every applicant between 18-75 is eligible. There are no tests or medical questions. However, you need to become a member of the National Congress of Employer’s Association which only costs $25 and is a one time application fee. You will pay this after your application is submitted.
    • Effective Dates – Your policy will be effective either on the 1st or the 15 of the month depending on when you apply.
      • 1st of  the month effective date: Enrollments submitted online between the 6th – 20th of any month will be issued with a 1st of the month effective date.
        • The recurring payment for 1st of the month effectives is always the 20th of each preceding month prior  to coverage.
        • Example: Member enrolls on the 16h of October. Effective date is November 1st – next draft payment is processed on November 20th for December coverage cycle.
      • 15th of the month effective date: Enrollments submitted online between the 21st – 5th of the following month will be issued with a 15th of the month effective date.
        • The recurring payment for 15th of month effectives is always the 5th of each preceding month prior to the coverage period.
        • Example: Member enrolls on 25th of October. Effective  date is November 15th – next draft payment is processed on December 5th for December 15th – January 14th coverage cycle.
    • Termination – You may cancel your policy at any time if you need to. You NCE Generations Plus policy will terminate on the certificate expiration date or if the policy holder passes away.This Certificate will terminate on the earliest of: 1. the premium paid to date following our receipt of your written request to surrender; or 2. Upon termination of Group Master Policy associated with this Certificate; or 3. the date of the Certificate Holder’s death; or 4. the date of lapse; or 5. the Final Expiry Date, as shown in the Certificate Schedule.

    NCE Generations Plus Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

    A Guaranteed Issue (also known as GI) life insurance policy from NCE can be a solution to your problems if you think you can’t get life insurance or want to skip the medical exam entirely. That said, there might be better No Exam Life Insurance solutions if you can qualify. However, if you’re unable to qualify, the NCE GI policy is a great option.

    Some of the health conditions and risks that we’ve helped get coverage for include:

    NCE Generations Plus States

    The NCE guaranteed issue life insurance is currently available for the majority of the United States. Unfortunately, it is not available in every state at this time. This list is updated as new states are added:

    AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MO, MS, NC, ND, NE, NJ, NM, NV, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA, WV, WY. Additional States Pending Approval.

    How much coverage can you get?

    NCE Generations Plus Guaranteed Issue life insurance comes in 2 face amounts. You can simply choose from the following death benefit amounts:

    • $25,000
    • $50,000

    Simply select the face amount that will meet your goals prior to the application. The NCE product is a guaranteed issue term life insurance policy and is fairly unique in the life insurance marketplace.

    Most guaranteed issue policies in the industry are typically small Whole Life insurance policies. The NCE life insurance policy is actually a term life policy that is renewable to Age 75.

    Pricing for the NCE Generations Plus is also unique. The policy premiums are based on age bands. Your rate is based on you age once the policy is effective. Your rate will always reflect your actual age. Once you age into a new age band, your premium will reflect that age band. Rates are the same no matter your gender.

    Here is the premium chart for the $25,000 and $50,000 NCE Generations Plus.

    NCE Generations Plus Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Rates

    Your Age$25,000 Face Amount
    $50,000 Face Amount
    18 – 34$35 per month
    $38 per month
    35-44$39 per month
    $47 per month
    45-54$50 per month
    $69 per month
    55-64$81 per month
    $131 per month
    65-75$236 per month
    $442 per month

    The NCE Generations Plus has a “Graded Benefit”. Here is how NCE’s Graded Benefit works: Once your policy is approved, you have a 2 year period until your entire death benefit is available.

    If you were to pass away in the policy’s first year due to health, disease, or illness- NCE will pay 120% of the accumulated paid premiums to the beneficiary. If you were to die during the policy’s second year, 20% of the death benefit face amount is paid to your beneficiary. On the very first day of year 3 and thereafter, the NCE will pay the life insurance policy’s full death benefit.

    NCE will pay the full death benefit in all years for an “Accidental Death”. There is no graded benefit for the 1st two years for accidental death. For example, you would get day one coverage if you were to die from a motor vehicle accident, fire, or drown.

    Even More Benefits

    With an NCE Generations Plus GI policy, you’ll receive additional benefits. Your NCE membership benefits will provide you:

    • NCE GapAfford Plus. This is a cost savings program that gives members access to lower rates and pre negotiated rates to save you money on out of pocket medical expenses.
    • Aetna Dental Access Network. You’ll have access to over 130,000 dental practice locations. Participating locations provide savings from 15-50% per visit.
    • OUTLOOK Vision Network. Access to over 10,000 contracted eye care locations nationwide. Savings of 10 – 50% on most prescription eyeglasses, contacts, and frames as well as savings for eye exams and surgeries like LASIK.
    • Prescription Discount Benefits. Save an average of 15% with brand names and up to 55% on Generics at participating pharmacies.
    • Pet Rx.
    • Alternative Medicine.
    • Chiropractic Care.
    • Hearing Savings Program.
    • Imaging Savings Program.
    • Laboratory Savings Program.
    • Medical Bill Negotiations.
    • Medical Supplies and Equipment
    • Physical Therapy.
    • Vitamins and Supplements.
    • 24/7 Health Information Line
    • 24/7 Nurse Help Line

    LifeShield National Insurance Company Details

    All of the NCE Generations Plus Guaranteed Issue policies are insured by the LifeShield National Insurance Company.

    Name(s)LifeShield National Insurance Company


    815 W Ash

    Duncan, OK, United States 73533

    Phone: 800-366-8354


    Ratings:  A.M. Best (B++)

    A.M. Best recently rated LifeShield a B++. LifeShield National Insurance Co. has held a rating of B++ by AM Best Company since 2001. A.M. Best is a highly recognized independent insurance industry ratings firm. The B++ rating is the fifth highest rating possible out of a total of 16

    Final Thoughts

    The NCE Generations Plus Guaranteed Issue life insurance policy through LifeShield National is an excellent opportunity for coverage when your options are limited. It’s a quick and convenient application that your Life Insurance Blog agent will help you from beginning to end.

    We’ll take the time to provide you all your options including other Guaranteed Issue policies if they’re available. There are so many life insurance companies to choose from. We’ll help you make sure you apply with the best one for your goals, health, and budget.

    We look forward to helping you.

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