Life Insurance Payout Amount

What is the life insurance payout amount that’s right for you? This is the perfect place to find out.

Popular amounts

Life insurance benefit amounts

Here are some of the more popular face amounts. Click on a policy amount to learn more.

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How does the underwriting process work?

Underwriting can be a very complex subject for consumers. What are the underwriters looking at before they offer you a policy?


Learn how the underwriting process works.
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How do I find my health class rating?

Your health class rating will determine what you’ll ultimately pay once approved. Figure out your health rating before you get quotes.

Health Class

Will you be Preferred, Standard, or Table rated?
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How much life insurance do I need?

Too little life insurance can be a disaster and too much coverage can be a waste of money. Let’s figure out the appropriate amount.

How much?

Get the right amount of coverage.
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