Life Insurance Face Amount

The face amount or payout amount is just another name for your life insurance policy’s death benefit – in other words, the amount of money that will be paid to your beneficiary if you die.

Life Insurance Payout Amount

Determining the right face amount or payout amount for your beneficiaries is very important. You don’t want to over-insure or underinsure. What is the life insurance payout amount that’s right for you? This is the perfect place to find out!

What does face amount mean on a life insurance policy?

The face amount in life insurance is the amount of coverage or death benefit that your beneficiary will be paid by the insurance company when the insured dies. For example, if you buy a term life policy for $750,000, your named beneficiary will be paid the face amount after you pass away.

How Do I Choose the Right Face Amount?

It’s very important to make sure you buy a life insurance policy with the proper face amount. You don’t want to be overinsured and pay for coverage you don’t need. You also don’t want to put your loved ones at financial risk and be underinsured. In order to find the right amount of life insurance, you’ll want to conduct a Needs Analysis.

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

When buying life insurance, you need to find out how much money your loved ones will need when you pass away. The basic way to analyze this is by finding:

  1. Present: How much money your family will need right away when you die to pay for immediate debts. These are known as final expenses and will cover your funeral, any medical bills, your mortgage, any outstanding debt, school, and settling your estate if required.
  2. Future: How much money your family will need in the future to continue their lifestyle and household? This is usually referred to income replacement. 

How Much Life Insurance Do I Really Need?

Use our life insurance needs analysis calculator below. If will help you get a good idea how much life insurance you’ll need to protect your family.

What’s Next?

Once you calculate how much life insurance you need simply click here and get a free life insurance quote.

You’ll be able to compare rates from the top life insurance companies and see which carriers may offer you the best deal. You can also contact us if you have any questions or want a customized quote. Call us at 888-411-1329 and we’d be happy to help.