Cerebral Palsy Life Insurance

Cerebral Palsy Life Insurance
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Have you been informed that you won’t qualify for a life insurance policy due to a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy? Well worry no more. Cerebral Palsy life insurance is possible!

We are here to inform you of the availability of life insurance coverage for preexisting health conditions, even to those with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy.

Most times, cerebral palsy patients find it difficult to obtain life insurance. This is for the simple fact that some of the well known life insurance companies feel that the Cerebral Palsy mortality rate is high.  

This is often too risky for most life insurance companies and they frequently won’t offer coverage.


Cerebral Palsy Life Insurance

Most times people limit their insurance options to only one company.  If so, you’ll likely to be ending up spending a reasonable amount of money on insurance. At Life Insurance Blog, we represent over 40 insurance companies.

These companies are top rated and are among the best life insurance companies.  We also have access to the top rated no medical exam companies in the United States. We offer many options to our clients which enables them to choose from a wide variety of niches in the life insurance marketplace.

These niches also includes finding a variety of the best insurance companies for our cerebral palsy clients.

For further inquiries please call us at 888-411-1329

Life Insurance With Cerebral Palsy

Research has shown that every year, professionals in the medical field diagnose more than 10,000 babies  in America with cerebral palsy.

This condition is extremely difficult to secure life insurance coverage for a variety of reasons. Life Insurance Blog is here to ensure that those diagnosed with cerebral palsy obtain a high risk life insurance policy smoothly.

What really is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy can be described as a disorder which affects an individual’s control of their movement. There are several types of cerebral palsy, which depends largely on the type of motor problem.

One example is with spastic cerebral palsy; which can be described as muscles that are tight and stiff to move.  The ROM or range of movement can be limited as well.

Cerebral palsy though not genetic, typically occurs at birth or at a very early age. Below is a list of some of the causes of cerebral palsy.

  • Infection
  • Birth Trauma
  • Lack of oxygen at birth
  • Rh incompatibility between child and mother
  • A head injury
  • Breeched birth
  • Low birth weight
  • Jaundice

Having a family member with cerebral palsy wouldn’t affect your insurance policy as well as your insurance policy eligibility.

Cerebral Palsy Mortality?

This question should be figured out by the CP patient and the insurance company. Most times these life insurance companies issue and deny policies based on the risk of death.

The higher your chances of dying are, compared to that of your peers, the more likely that you will be rejected by these life insurance companies.  Since Cerebral Palsy isn’t degenerative and typically won’t get worse as the years pass. This is actually good news as far as underwriting life insurance policies go.

Certainly there are different cases of cerebral palsy which differs from one another. In some cases, the victim may have a shorter life span compared to other people within the same age bracket or with the same cerebral palsy.

The major causes of this include:

  • Seizures: Research has it that people suffering from cerebral palsy are usually at a higher rate of early mortality than those not suffering from it. By taking medication, these seizures can be controlled, thereby minimizing a patient’s mortality risk.
  • Difficulty in feeding: if a cerebral patient, finds it difficult in feeding, then the mortality rate might of that patient is very high. This is owing to the simple fact that the patient relies on someone else for his/her wellbeing. Having an oral problem can also cause leading to choking the patient thereby leading to untimely death in most cases. Aspiration is a factor in underwriting.
  • Intellectual disability: People with cerebral palsy sometimes exhibit cognitive deficits. This disability sometimes come as a surprise, whatever the case might be, people with cognitive deficits have lower life span compared to those without it.

Other factors responsible for reducing mortality rate of cerebral palsy patients are:

  • Relying on Caretakers: if you rely solely on caretakers, the possibility on you not having a longer life span is high.
  • Mobility: if you are really not mobile, you stand the chance of have a limited life span.
  • Vision impairments: Cerebral Palsy patients with impaired visions are also at the high rate of early mortality.
  • Respiratory difficulties: Patients with respiratory issues such as the inability to breath, swallow or chew properly, are also at the high rate of early mortality.
  • Severity: if your impairment rate is highly severe, chances are you are at a risk of early mortality.

All the above mentioned are being considered carefully by the insurance agent. Before underwriting an insurance policy on a cerebral palsy patient these areas must be researched in order to find the right company.

The more the risk of an early mortality, the higher your chances of your insurance policy being denied.

Can I be issued a standard rating on life insurance with Cerebral Palsy?

This will be extremely difficult to attain. In the best case scenarios, where the patient shows very few perceptual or cognitive symptoms, the possibility of obtaining a standard rating is usually low.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Patients with more severe cases of cerebral palsy, need to choose a burial life insurance policy from the top final expense companies that are available.

Cerebral Palsy Life Insurance Case Study

I recently helped out a 25 year old female who was previously denied by 2 life insurance companies before contacting me. I provided her my Cerebral Palsy life insurance questionnaire which gathered important details of her case. I was then able to “Quick Quote” her case to all of the major life insurance carriers to see who would make the best offer based on her specific details.

We received positive responses from 3 life insurance carriers and applied with AIG as they were the most competitive. She was approved with a Table 4 rating and very happy with the outcome.

Will these life insurance companies treat me the same way.

The good news is that there are life insurance companies out there willing to underwrite your life insurance policy. Even if you’ve been rejected before, there are potential options. Unfortunately, most average people find it difficult finding these companies on their own.

There are so many companies available and finding the best insurance policy suitable for them is too difficult.

Though there are quite a number of companies out there with life insurance policies capable of covering patients with cerebral palsy, none of these life insurance companies are a “Go To” company. This is simply due to the fact that these companies all have different guidelines for underwriting policies.

As a result of this, the life insurance company for one person, might not be the right company to apply with for the next person.

Life Insurance Blog

Life Insurance Blog understands that in most cases, individuals find it difficult to find and choose a life insurance company as well as a policy. We took it upon ourselves to ensure that you are able to obtain life insurance policies in the simplest way possible. Our main priority is to ensure that our clients gets the best policy at the fairest price.

We are representatives of over 40 top life insurance companies in the United States. We use our knowledge base acquired from years of working with these companies. We use our resources and industry connections to find the company with the best chance of an approval. You’ll get our recommendations based on our research and your needs.

At Life Insurance Blog, we make the time to get to know you properly, which includes your lifestyle choices, your medical situation and lots more. Make that final call today and finally get the life insurance coverage you require.

Do you have further inquiries about Life Insurance Blog and how we can research the best life insurance coverage you deserve? 

Simply contact us as 888-411-1329.

We really appreciate reading our post, Life insurance with Cerebral Palsy. Please leave any comments, suggestions, or questions below.

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