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Life Insurance Blood Test

Life Insurance Blood Test

For many people, the thought of participating in a blood test for life insurance sounds as fun as getting stuck in an elevator. Typically, the life insurance blood test is unavoidable and needs to be completed before you can get approved. This is standard even for the top rated life insurance companies. We’re going to …

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How Long Does Life Insurance Underwriting Take

Life Insurance Application: How Long Does Underwriting Take?

Every person who applies for life insurance is waiting to hear the glorious phrase, “Congratulations, your life insurance application is approved!” – but how long does life insurance underwriting take? It varies — by a lot! When applying for a life insurance policy, there are several steps that need to occur before you’re approved. It …

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What To Do When Someone Dies

What to do when someone dies

When someone dies, the outcome can be devastating for whoever is left in charge. Handling a death can often be very confusing and quite emotional. Learn what you need to do and say after someone close has died.

life insurance buying guide

13 steps showing exactly how to buy life insurance

We put together our “13 Steps Showing Exactly How to Buy Life Insurance” guide for shoppers who are frustrated and overwhelmed with the life insurance buying process. With so many great life insurance companies to choose from, it’s easy get frustrated, but that frustration ends now! Studies have shown that over 18 million people …

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life insurance suze orman

Life insurance suze orman: What Does she think About getting covered?

Suze Orman is a renowned financial advisor, TV personality and motivational speaker. She is the author of 10 books and has been the host of the award-winning “The Suze Orman Show” since 2002, on which she advises people on different matters concerning personal finances and investments. So, what does Suze Orman say about life insurance? …

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What is Life Insurance Underwriting

What is Life Insurance Underwriting?

Ok, so what is life insurance underwriting? This is an important question that many life insurance shoppers should be asking. Basically, it’s when companies implement a screening of potential insureds using risk evaluation and premium-setting processes. It’s completely necessary and a fundamental system of insurance underwriting. You have probably done all your homework by searching …

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Looking for answers to your life insurance questions? Our FAQ provides the answers to the most frequently asked life insurance questions.  LIFE INSURANCE FAQ There are no costs for our clients when applying for a life insurance policy. The purpose of an application is to see what official rate a life insurance company will offer …

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firefighter funeral

Firefighter Funeral Traditions

Firefighter funeral traditions provide our fallen heroes the respect and gratitude they deserve for the ultimate sacrifice they made to our society. The types of funerals that firefighters have are usually classified as: Formal (full military-style honors and traditions) Semi-formal (some traditions and honors) Non-formal Private When firefighters pass away their family isn’t alone. The …

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Life Insurance Costs

Life Insurance Costs

Life insurance costs can be very confusing and difficult to figure out because there are so many different types. When shopping for life insurance from the best life insurance companies – you need to take into consideration product options such as whole life, term life, and universal life insurance. Your life insurance cost can vary …

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How much life insurance do I need

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need Calculator Search Tool

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? This is often the first question shoppers ask before buying life insurance. Understanding how much life insurance you need is obviously important. This goes without saying. Usually everyone knows that life insurance will cover: Future Income Mortgage Funeral Costs However, there are several areas that you may not be thinking …

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is life insurance taxed

Is life insurance taxed

Is life insurance taxed? It would be great if this one question could be answered with one response. Understanding the tax rules on life insurance can’t be answered with 1 simple answer unfortunately. Top 10 Life Insurance Tax Tips Here are the 10 most common life insurance tax situations and answers to the questions that …

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A test

Request Free Life Insurance Quotes Now Your Free Quote is just clicks away. Compare accurate life insurance quotes in one place, adjust term and coverage amounts, and view prices monthly or annually. Life insurance doesn’t get easier than this. Who Needs Life Insurance? Life insurance can pay for funeral costs, provide income replacement in the …

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