How To Find Life Insurance With Anemia

How To Find Life Insurance With Anemia
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    You may be asking, what is the best life insurance company for Anemia? Today, we want to provide you with a resource where you can learn more about how a life insurance company will “view” an application if you have been diagnosed with Anemia. You can also compare life insurance quotes for both exam and no exam coverage by using our life insurance calculators at anytime.

    We’re going to review the 7 simple steps to getting life insurance with Anemia. We’ll also go over important topics that you need to be aware of before applying for coverage.

    How to Buy Life Insurance with Anemia

    Life Insurance with a Medical Condition

    Here are 7 steps you should follow if you're wanting to get approved for coverage.
    Total Time Needed: 30 minutes

    Required Tools:

    - Computer.
    - Phone.

    Things Needed?

    - Independent licensed agent

    Steps to get approved with the best life insurance companies

    Step 1: Work with an independent agent
    With Acid Reflux, make sure to use an independent life insurance agent that has access to multiple companies.
    Step 2: Communication
    Your agent will listen about your Acid Reflux as well as your goals for coverage. They will also ask you the questions that a life insurance company underwriters will want to know about your GERD.
    Step 3: Shopping the competition
    Your agent is like your personal shopper. They will find the best life insurance company that will approve you and give you the best deal for GERD.
    Step 4: Choose your company and policy
    Once the bests companies have been found, you can choose the policy that meets your specific needs, goals and budget.
    Step 5: Apply
    Your agent will help you apply quickly and easily online or over the phone. Most companies provide e-signatures and e-delivery so you can submit your application as quickly as possible.
    Step 6: Underwriting
    After submitting the application you will begin the underwriting process. Once that has been completed you will know if you’ve been approved.
    Step 6: Purchase your policy
    Once your application is approved you may purchase your life insurance policy and put it in force.

    How To Find Life Insurance With Anemia or Anemia-Related Conditions

    Life Insurance Blog is always looking for the best life insurance deals for our clients. We’re always on the lookout for the best life insurance companies that offer no physical exams too.  We work with our clients to ensure they talk with the best company who can help them get an affordable life insurance rate even if they suffer with anemia or other health conditions.

    Are You Anemic? Can You Get Life Insurance?

    If you’re currently or have ever suffered with a low red blood count, you could be anemic. If you’re anemic, you may wonder how it’s going to affect your ability to attain life insurance coverage. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

    Why Are Insurance Companies So Concerned With Anemia?

    The job of a life insurance underwriter is to determine what your overall health and lifestyle is, as they’ll determine if you’re at risk for dying early. Anemia isn’t particularly life-threatening, but it can lead to complications or be an indicator for a serious condition. This is what these companies are trying to find out. If your anemia is the result of a more serious issue, you may need to buy life insurance from a final expense company.

    What Kinds Of Questions Could You Be Asked From Life Insurance Companies

    If a life insurance company deems you are currently or ever had anemia, they’ll ask you some other questions to determine your risk level. Some questions can include:

    • Was there an underlying reason for your anemia?
    • What type of anemia did you have?
    • Were you tested for additional diseases?
    • How long did the anemia last? What was the lowest hemoglobin/blood count recorded?
    • Were you hospitalized for anemia-related conditions?
    • Did you ever have a blood transfusion for the treatment?
    • Have you been symptomatic because of anemia – headache, loss of energy, fainting, dizzy spells, tiredness, etc.?
    • Are you still currently receiving treatment?

    The answers you give may determine if the agency decides additional tests are needed to get more information.

    Can Anemics Get Approved Life Insurance?

    Now, if you have anemia, you may be wondering if you can get coverage. Well, that depends on two things:

    • What kind of anemia you have
    • Severity of anemia case

    Millions of men and women have anemia and don’t know it because the symptoms are extremely mild. If anemia has created health problems for your body and life, you could expect to pay more to attain coverage. Should you have a serious case of anemia that’s the result of an underlying problem, you could possibly be turned down for coverage. If you suffer with aplastic anemia disease, a blood disorder, you may also be turned down.

    If a life insurance company turns you down, it’s usually due to you being a potential risk because of the condition. The money you pay and if the policy gets underwritten is going to be determined by what they see as your risk level due to the anemia. The good news is there is still a chance for coverage with a guaranteed issue policy.

    Finding A Life Insurance Company Who Will Write Policies For Anemia Sufferers

    Everybody is different, and each person’s life insurance needs are going to differ too. The wonderful thing about life insurance companies is that there are so many to choose from. If one company turns you down, it doesn’t mean another will. The process can be a little tedious, but with some effort and research, you can find a life insurance company who will offer you an affordable life insurance policy.

    Life insurance companies cater to specific “niches” in order to be the top carrier in specific markets. So certain life insurance companies may be better for certain conditions. In other words, there is no best company for ArthritisColitis, Cardiomyopathy….or Anemia. It ultimately comes down to your specific health & lifestyle — and matching it with the company who will offer you the best rate.

    This is where Life Insurance Blog comes in. We have worked with people with all kinds of cases like anemia and anemia-health-related problems. We’ll work tirelessly to find you an anemia-friendly life insurance policy, taking into consideration your budget and your preferences for a policy. 

    affordable life insurance

    We work to give you the best possible life insurance coverage. We have more than 60 top of the line insurance companies we deal with… not preferring one over the others. We’ll come up with a policy that best fits your individual situation.

    Which company will approve anemia?

    Which company will get you the best deal? Will it be Prudential, CMFG, AIG or some other carrier? If you have anemia and want to make sure you’re getting the best life insurance policy available, here’s what you need to do…

    Step 1

    Do This Now

    Start by clicking here!

    You’ll see our instant life insurance calculator where you will compare rates from dozens of the top companies.

    Nothing too complicated, it just needs the basics about what you’re wanting, how much coverage, for how long, etc. That way we can understand your situation before we can help you.

    Complete the calculator details as accurately as possible, and be absolutely sure your contact information is correct so we can reach you.

    Step 2

    Here's what will happen next

    Once you’ve filled out the calculator, one of our licensed life insurance agents will reach out to you to provide you all your options and plan out who will provide you the best rate based on your specific health and lifestyle.

    All of the recommendations will be based off of the details you provide. It’s very important that you’re honest and answer your agent’s questions accurately. 

    This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly which company will get you the best rate, and how to make it happen. There are literally hundreds of companies and thousands of policy options available. We’ll make sure you get the best one.

    Thanks for reading our post, How To Find Life Insurance With Anemia. If you’d like to learn more about Anemia, please keep reading. Also, please leave feedback or ask questions below this article. We’d love to hear from you.

    Anemia? What Is It Exactly?

    If you’re not sure what anemia is, here’s a simple explanation: it’s when your blood doesn’t have a lot of red blood cells in it. It also means your blood has a reduced hemoglobin count. Both of these are necessary because red blood and hemoglobin carries the oxygen throughout the body, giving it the energy it needs.

    When either one of these are low, the body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs to properly function and organs don’t perform like they should.

    Now, life insurance companies have an interest in your health, and since anemia can cause an array of health issues, it’s something they also look at. They’re going to want to know, in greater detail, about your anemia case.


    Why Do People Suffer With Anemia?

    There are many reasons a person develops anemia, but the great thing about this disease is that it’s not permanent in most cases. The most common reason people develop anemia is that they’re deficient in iron. Low levels of iron tend to happen because:

    • Bad diet – not consuming enough iron-filled foods
    • Infection
    • Pregnancy/child birth
    • Colon cancer/polyps/ulcers
    • Recent surgery
    • Uterine fibroids

    If you’re vitamin deficient, you could also develop anemia. If your body doesn’t have enough B12 vitamin, it can’t process iron. Folic acid is also necessary to produce red blood cells.

    If your body is unable to absorb vitamins properly, anemia is usually the end result. It’s not uncommon for the absorption issue be due to vitamins, as your body may be unable to process syrups or tablets. After several months of following a healthy, balanced diet, you may no longer have this absorption issue.

    Anemia deals with the blood, and it’s generally a symptom of another health problem or a symptom for some blood disease like sickle cell anemia.

    Michael Quinn

    Michael Quinn

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