Inexpensive Life Insurance for 33 Year Olds

Life Insurance For 33 Year Olds
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    Finding the most inexpensive life insurance for 33 year olds will begin with finding  the best life insurance company you can qualify for. This goes for carriers that require an exam and no exam life insurance companies too. Just in case you want to skip the hassle of an exam.

    It’s extremely important that you know what life insurance companies look at before offering you a policy and also how to qualify.

    Let’s begin!

    Did You Know? What do Chris Farley, John Belushi, Carolyn Kennedy and Eva Braun all have in common? They all passed away at the age of 33.

    Life Insurance Rates for 33 Year Olds

    We did the research and you can see sample rates below.

    We provided male and female examples who are shopping for 20 year term and $400,000 death benefit. These example rates are all based on a Non Tobacco user at a Preferred Plus health class rating.

    Quotes for Men

    If you’re a 33 year old man with excellent health looking for a $400,000 20 year fixed term life insurance policy:

    • You can expect to pay a little over $18 a month with AIG and just over $19 a month from Principal Financial.
    • If you want to apply for a $400,000 No Medical 20 year fixed term, you would pay just over $18 a month with Banner Life.
    • Another option you could choose would be to choose a Guaranteed Universal Life policy (GUL) to a specific age. For example, you could apply for a $400,000 GUL to Age 90 for a little over $149 per month.

    Quotes for Women

    If you’re a woman, it is even less.  If you’re a 33 year old woman with excellent health looking for a $400,000 20 year fixed term life insurance policy, you can expect to pay:

    • Just over $16 a month with AIG.
    • For a $400,000 Non Medical life insurance policy at a 20 year fixed term, you would pay a little over $16 a month with Banner Life.
    • For the Guaranteed Universal Life policy to age 90 – you could apply for a $400,000 GUL for just over $118 per month.

    All of these life insurance options are more affordable when you’re shopping at 33 years of age. Your peace of mind and your family’s future is easily attainable at this age.

    Life Insurance For 33 Year Olds

    The easiest way to find the top life insurance company is with an independent life insurance agent. Independent agents work for you, not the life insurance companies. Their job is simple: research and shop all of the best life insurance companies for you base on your health and lifestyle.

    Keep on reading this article if you’d like to learn how to make sure you’re applying with the right company at the best life insurance rates when you’re 33 years old.

    Inexpensive Life Insurance for 33 Year Olds

    Let’s look at how to buy life insurance when you’re 33 years old. It’s time to see what you should look out for specifically at your age. For 33 year olds looking to buy the cheapest term life insurance, knowing the right life insurance companies will be key to your savings.

    The companies that have the best rates for your age bracket won’t be the same with other ages. You need to know that purchasing a life insurance policy when you’re 33 is a great time to buy.

    The premium increases aren’t significant in the 30 age bracket. You don’t want to postpone. The reason is that life insurance rates start to climb quickly when you reach your 40s.

    Your age is one of the biggest factors for life insurance rates by age 

    Age is a huge factor in price, but so is your health. If you aren’t is the best shape or perfect health, then you will be paying more than those with great health.

    If you have a preexisting health condition, you may have an increase in rate or even denied a policy.

    It will all depend on specific factors that each life insurance company will look into.

    The good news is that if aren’t in perfect health, each life insurance company has their own unique underwriting rules. With the help of an independent life insurance agent, you’ll be able to shop your case and find the company that will offer you the best rate.

    Let’s say your only health issue is that you’re overweight. Every life insurance company will have their own “Build” charts that will place you in a specific health class.

    There might be 5 life insurance companies that will place you at a “Standard” health class base on your weight, while all others have you at Table Rated (more expensive health class). Your agent would focus on these “Standard” life insurance companies and make some recommendations.

    The key is working with a life insurance agent who has access to many top rate life insurance companies.

    Your agent’s job is to shop for you so you’re not applying with the wrong term life insurance company.

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    Affordable Term Life Insurance for 33 Year Olds

    Do you want a basic term life insurance policy or one with options and riders?

    As we stated earlier, when you’re 33 and buy term life insurance, you’ll have several opportunities for affordable coverage.

    You’re typically healthy at age 33 and you’ll have many life insurance options to choose from.

    You’ll have 10, 20, and 30 year term life insurance available. Some older age groups don’t have 30 year term life insurance available to them.

    Life insurance companies are fighting hard for your business. 33 year olds are very attractive to all these companies due to your overall low risk.

    Life insurance is similar to other industries where competition drives down costs. Take advantage of this knowledge and shop wisely. This life insurance industry competition provides you affordable options.

    You will have access to life insurance policies with a medical exam or no exam life insurance policies. With No Exam policies, you can secure life insurance coverage easily and quickly.

    No Exam prices are coming down too.

    A no medical exam life insurance policy used to cost much more compared to life insurance with a medical exam. The great news is that they are becoming more popular and attractive to shoppers. Life insurance companies know this and are adjusting to meet consumer demands.

    Qualifying for Term Life Insurance at Age 33

    Most people stress when thinking about qualifying for their life insurance policy. Since you’re 33 you shouldn’t have a difficult time qualifying for term life insurance.

    If you’re not in great health or have a few health related issues, don’t fret.

    Life insurance companies have a range of health class ratings that most people will fall under. Only the most severe situations typically result in a decline.

    So what if your health isn’t ideal? Let’s say you have some of these common conditions:

    • High Blood Pressure
    • Elevated Cholesterol
    • Diabetes

    You will pay a higher life insurance premium, but it will all depend on the specifics of your particular condition. People often think that life insurance companies will look at “High Blood Pressure” and put you in a particular health class.

    That isn’t the case.

    Each company will look at your specific health situation and evaluate the risk.

    If you have Diabetes and there is a history of managing your condition well, you have a great chance of affordable life insurance. With that said, it’s extremely important to get life insurance coverage immediately if you have any health conditions.

    Most people increase their likelihood of their health decreasing with age. You run the risk of much higher premiums or getting declined life insurance if you postpone coverage now.

    You need to take advantage while you’re young and relatively healthy while you have the opportunity. Remember that we’re not getting younger.

    What are the best term life companies for a 33 year old?

    Your situation is unique, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the most affordable term life insurance companies. Remember that applying to the best term life insurance company for you will depend on your current health as well as your health history.

    This includes your family history, your height, weight and other health factors. It will also depend on how much coverage you want and the length of your term life insurance policy.

    At Life Insurance Blog, we can help you find out which term life insurance company will be the top one for you based on these issues.

    The life insurance market changes every year, however the term life insurance companies below usually have the cheapest rates and best term life insurance options for 33 year olds.

    Banner Life

    Compare Inexpensive Life Insurance Rates Today and Get a Quote

    Remember to always shop around when purchasing term life insurance. It doesn’t matter what your situation is, you will always benefit when an independent life insurance agent researches all of your options.

     Life insurance rates can vary up to 74% depending on the company!

    Work with us!

    At Life Insurance Blog we’ll shop for you from dozens of the best life insurance companies available. You can get covered today by simply comparing multiple term life insurance quotes on our website.

    Get an instant life insurance quote customized specifically for you now. Simply use our free quoter found on this page. Thanks for reading our post, Inexpensive Life Insurance for 33 Year Olds. Please leave a comment or question down below.

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