$750000 Term Life Insurance Rates in 2023

$750,000 Term Life Insurance Rates
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    Looking for the best $750,000 term life insurance rates? A $750,000 term policy is the right choice for many who want more than $500,000 of coverage, but don’t need a million dollar policy. If your income is above $50,000 and/or are the sole provider for your family, this amount will help ensure that they can maintain their standard of living should anything happen to you.

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    How Much Will $750,000 Life Insurance Cost?

    Cost is a major factor when buying insurance and your age is just one of many factors that will dictate what you’ll ultimately pay. Every company is different in how they will rate you. However, each one will look at your current and past health, tobacco status, family history, and your build (height/weight ratio).

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    $750,000 Life Insurance Sample Rates

    Let’s look into how much a $750,000 life insurance policy may cost you. We calculated quotes for every decade. Rates are based on non-smoking males and females at Preferred Best rates. Your rate may be higher based on your specific health and details.

    $750,000 Sample Quotes for Men

    $750,00010 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
    Age 20$18.27$26.63$44.08
    Age 30$18.27$27.27$45.85
    Age 40$24.73$40.76$76.11
    Age 50$60.20$109.18$185.12
    Age 60$169.51$303.28N/A
    Age 70$475.81$1164.16N/A
    Age 80$1,787.19N/AN/A

    $750,000 Quotes for Women

    $750,00010 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
    Age 20$15.48$21.88$32.90
    Age 30$15.70$23.34$38.20
    Age 40$22.15$35.21$61.15
    Age 50$51.19$79.96$143.19
    Age 60$112.88$205.41N/A
    Age 70$298.20$793.87N/A
    Age 80$1,424.28N/AN/A

    Rate Examples for $750,000 Term Life Coverage

    Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at the rates for a $750000 term life insurance policy on a 20-year term and see which companies are competitive. These numbers should not be misinterpreted as the rates you will definitely be offered, but rather as examples that are representative of what could really happen.

    Let’s say John Doe is a 40-year old non-smoker in great health. As you can see here, he is offered a wide range of rates for the same policy, but Banner, SBLI and Protective remain the lowest.

    Rates per Month

    Company$750,000 Monthly Rate
    John Hancock$42.82
    North American$47.31
    Mutual of Omaha$47.43
    American National$47.95

    The Best Life Companies for a $750,000 Policy

    Many companies offer $750,000 term policies, but they vary tremendously in regards to rates and services.

    The following three are an example of some of the best priced companies for a $750,000 policy. Although we do work with other companies like Prudential, Transamerica, American General and others that are competitive, these are the top three.







    Banner Life: Given a superior rating by A.M. Best (A+) and offering low rates, Banner is a large company with a large reputation for providing good coverage for less.

    Protective: This company also has a superior rating from A.M. Best, and its premiums are usually just as low as Banner’s. It also has a wide range of riders that you can tack onto your policy to customize your coverage needs.

    SBLI: Like the other two companies mentioned above, SBLI offers low rates and has a superior rating from A.M. Best. Unfortunately, if you are 70 years of age or older you should be aware that SBLI only offers policies up to $500,000 for your age group. If you are younger, SBLI will be among your top options for insurance providers due to its low rates. It is a smaller company, and their term policy comes as either guaranteed (premiums stay the same throughout the term) or renewable (premiums renewed every year and based on current age).

    $750,000 Term Life Insurance Rates

    Qualifying for $750,000 Term Life Insurance

    It’s no secret that your health is a major factor in determining your eligibility for coverage. If you are in great health with no foreseeable issues or preexisting conditions, you get the best rates. However, your financial situation is also important both to justify the amount of coverage and to make sure you can pay the premiums.

    Here is a brief a guide for the financial requirements needed to qualify for a $750,000 policy:

    • Ages 18 to 40: 25 Times Annual Income. So, you would need to make at least $30,000 a year to qualify for a $750,000 policy.
    • Ages 41 to 50: 20 Times Annual Income – You would need to earn $37,500 a year.
    • Ages 51 to 55: 15 Times Annual Income – You would need to earn $50,000 a year.
    • Ages 56 to 65: 10 Times Annual Income – You would need to earn $75,000 a year.
    • Ages 66 to 70:  5 Times Annual Income – You would need to earn $150,000 a year.

    Now, if you are 71 or older, you are most likely retired. If this is the case, your eligibility for a term policy will be primarily based on your overall financial situation. You shouldn’t run into too much trouble qualifying if you are able to afford the monthly/annual rates.

    The biggest hurdle for older applicants is the availability of companies. After age 70, there aren’t as many companies offering coverage.

    Many companies do not offer term after certain age brackets and you may only have permanent insurance available.

    For example, some companies stop offering term life policies after age 65.

    Even some of the best companies will limit the term length available after certain ages. A company may offer insurance at age 65 or age 70, but they may only offer it for 10 year termPermanent policies such as Whole Life or Universal Life insurance can provide lifetime coverage. (See our article, Best life insurance for seniors over 60 for more information.)

    How to Get the Best Rates?

    You may be like many of the shoppers we speak to everyday. It’s very common to be completely frustrated and confused with how to make sure you are finding the right policies at the best rates.

    Save up to

    0 %

    Use an Independent Agent

    Using an independent agent can save you up to 73% off of your premiums.

    Your agent should be looking out for you and finding the companies that you can qualify for at the lowest rate available. An independent agent will shop your case to multiple companies to find the one that will give you the best deal.

    Trying to do this all on your own is a huge undertaking and you won’t have access to the underwriting guides. Without access to all of the underwriting guides, you’ll be shopping blind. You may ultimately apply with a company that will not provide you the lowest rate based on a variety of factors that your agent will explain.

    Expert Tip: The company with the lowest quote usually isn’t the best deal. It’s the company who will approve you at the best health class rating.

    Watch the video below to see the most common errors people make when getting quotes online and shopping for term. Make sure you work with an independent agent who has all the top term life insurance companies.

    $750,000 Term Life Insurance Rates

    Ready for your own personalized instant quotes? Feel free to use the quote comparison tool on our website.

    You’ll be able to instantly compare $750,000 Term Insurance Rates or any other benefit amount. Compare 10, 20, and 30 year term or even Guaranteed Universal Life up to age 121. You can always contact us and get a customized quote based on your specific health and lifestyle.

    Just know that we have access to dozens of top rated insurance companies. You won’t be pressured to buy and you’ll get unbiased advice. Remember, we work for you – not the insurance companies. We look forward to helping you protect your loved ones.

    Thank you for reading our post, $750000 Term Life Insurance Rates. Please leave a comment or question below. Please visit our article, Life Insurance Payout Amount if you’re looking to learn about other benefit amounts such as $500,000 or $2 Million dollar insurance.

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