National Life Group Life Insurance Review

National Life Group Life Insurance Review

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National Life Group Life Insurance Review

The National Life Group has expanded their services throughout the United States.

National Life Group Life Insurance Review

They are one of the top rated life insurance companies in our country that provides a variety of policy types and services.

Out of all the organizations that provide financial services and life insurance, the one with possibly the most seniority in America is NLG (National Life Group).

About National Life Group

The mutual firm known as National Life Group (National Life Insurance Company) was founded in the mid-1800s.  Based in Vermont, founders from multiple states came together with the intent to sell policies all over the U.S.

As of 2017, National Life has followed through on its objective.  Almost 800,000 customers trust National Life for their insurance needs.

National Life Group Insurance Reviews

In 2012, the company earned approximately $1.7 billion. The organization staffs approximately 900 people with offices not just in Vermont, but in California and New York, too.

In addition to life insurance, National Life also provides investment and financial products, which includes annuities.

The company also actively engages with charitable groups.

They have also founded the National Life Group Charitable Giving Foundation, which coordinates community initiatives to help local charities. Because it’s a mutual firm, every customer of National Life is a partial owner of the NLG company.

As such, any profits over the business’ operating expenses are returned to the services offered. Agents and financial representatives in sales networks all over the U.S. sell NLG’s life insurance policies.

National Life Group Company Details

Name(s): National Life Insurance Company; Life Insurance Company of the Southwest; National Life Group


1 National Life Drive

Montpelier, Vermont 05604

Phone: (800) 732-8939


Ratings:  A.M. Best (A), Standard & Poor’s (A+), Comdex (81), Moody’s (A2)

Advantages of National Life Group

There are several advantages that National Life Group provides its customers with.

Advantages of National Life GroupOne main advantage of NLG is the longevity of the company.

The longer an organization has been around…

…the more at ease it puts a customer.

This advantage is straight forward because it suggests that NLG has stayed in business for as long as they have for a reason.

There are many benefits provided by the organization that accentuates their reputation.

A.M. Best Rating

At the time of writing, A.M. Best gave an “A” rating for the National Life Group and its subsidiary, the Life Insurance Company of the Southwest.

This rating is the third highest in the 16 categories used by A.M. Best to rate an organization.

Such a high rating makes National Life Group a trusted and reliable company for the services it offers.

About National Life Group

Four factors determined the rating National Life Group received from A.M. Best;

  • Diverse Distribution Channels
  • Conservative Risk Profile
  • Profitable Operations
  • Excellent Expense Management

The A rating was awarded since the company takes minimal risks, engages in safe management practices, has a suitable diversification of its services, and operates a profitable business that fares well in problematic times.

This is all positive news for consumers who seek financial services and life insurance from an organization that demonstrates efficient management and profitability over time.

Customer Service

Like with any other financial service and life insurance company, the National Life Group provides customer service in a pair of fundamental ways. Insurance agents work all over the country offering customized service for their customers, as well as online, in the event an individual files a claim, has a question or requires help beyond what the insurance agent can provide.  Ultimately, the organization provides excellent customer support that presents you with fast solutions through multiple methods.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a third-party group that judges all kinds of businesses in North America. At the moment, the National Life Group has an “A+” rating, the highest possible rating a company can obtain.

Be mindful that the BBB has not accredited the National Life Company.

Also, note that a business is not obligated to receive BBB accreditation. The record does reveal a few complaints about the business, all of which have been handled by National Life swiftly. That kind of service has aided the company in earning its esteemed rating.

Product Offering

The products National Life Group provides are separated into a few different categories:

  • Commercial and Businesses Enterprises
  • Families and Individuals
  • Public Service and Schools

National Life Group productsFor families and individuals, the National Life Group provides 5 individual services developed to aid and protect people on the road to financial independence and retirement.

They are comprised of the following;

  • IRA
  • Annuities
  • Living Benefits
  • Life Insurance
  • Mutual Funds

These services are developed to aid families and individuals with investment, retirement, and life insurance benefits they can access throughout their lives.

Such diversification has aided the National Life Group in maintaining their existence and boosts the faith people have in them.

Besides serving families and individuals…

…the business also helps companies with plans that are both non-qualified and qualified, aiding them with their transition or continuation from one area to the next.  Further, educational facilities and people in public service are presented with IRAs, retirement plans, life insurance policies, and annuities that offer sound benefits to their staff.

Life Insurance Offerings from National Life Group

Whole and term life insurance are both offered by NLG. The company’s products are comprised of:

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies feature:

  • Guaranteed death benefit,
  • Fixed Premiums for the term, and
  • Guaranteed coverage (for as long as premiums are paid).

Whole Life Insurance

There are some main guarantees that come with whole life insurance:

Dividends might be included, but aren’t guaranteed.

Be sure to read our article, Life Insurance Types to learn about these policies and more.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life insurance policies (UL for short) come with flexible premiums and accumulate potential cash value. Guaranteed Universal Life is often referred to as “Lifetime Term” due to the lower premiums that term life offers combined with a potential life long UL policy.

More details about Guaranteed Universal Life insurance can be found here.

Indexed Universal Life

Cash value is accumulated through IUL policies as per interest crediting linked to the S&P 500 and similar indexes.

Like UL policies, Index Universal Life insurance provides flexible death benefits and premiums. For more information, have a look at our article discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Indexed Universal Life Insurance.

Variable Life Insurance

Same death benefits and flexible premiums as the other universal life products, but with sub-accounts added, which have the potential to increase as per specific bond, stock, or money market account performance.


The National Life Group provides sound policies and competitive rates for people who are thinking about financial assistance or life insurance for retirement purposes.

The general focus might have changed a little from life insurance, but the bottom line is that this organization offers high-quality services with a fairly standard, tried-and-true service type.

This organization was first formed in 1848 and evolved over time to accommodate new opportunities and techniques that were usually begun by other businesses before modifying them into their own.

The National Life Group is somewhat conservative in various aspects, but that just means that they are financially secure and sound, making them a strong option for practical life insurance policies and investment opportunities.

Potential Disadvantages

There aren’t very many complaints about this organization out there, but that doesn’t mean the business doesn’t have its share of controversy.

National life group disadvantagesIt merely means that not even National Life Group is safe from poor advice, insufficient business practices, policies that could have a detrimental impact on the customer.

The only negative worth addressing is that NLG is one of many companies to choose from.

Like with anything you spend your money on, having options lets you choose the best deal you can get.

In the life insurance industry, the best life insurance deal is the one that can handle your specific requirements, lifestyle, and health.

There is no such thing…

…as a one-size-fits-all policy or company.


Prior to committing to anything, consider assessing the financial and insurance policies of the National Life Group.

Although they provide a decent offering of life insurance products, they might not be suitable for your specific needs.  With that in mind, make time to go over what they provide and think about other options that could be more prudent.

With all of this in mind, the National Life Group provides decent rates for many of its policies, some of which are more practical than others.  As such, it’s worthwhile to browse online and talk to an independent life insurance agent about which option is best for you and your family.

Remember that your age will play a significant role in the kind of services and insurance you require.

National Life Group Life Insurance Reviews

Ultimately, the National Life Group presents a number of strong financial and life insurance products.

National life group life insurance ratesThese life insurance products have been developed to help people achieve their retirement objectives while offering them plenty of security.

The NLG organization runs on an established business model that has been perfected time and again since the mid-1800s.

They provide various life insurance and financial services that help families, individuals, schools, companies, and other public service groups with their needs.

The big question is National Life Group the best life insurance company for your specific needs?


At Life Insurance Blog, we don’t favor certain life insurance companies over others. Our goal is to match the best life insurance company based on your needs, health, and lifestyle.

That simply means that we’ll tailor your policy specifically for you because no 2 shoppers are alike.

Give us a chance to see if we can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your insurance policy. We use dozens of the top rated companies in the USA. We will find the ones that will offer you the lowest rates.

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National Life Group Life Insurance Review

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