American National Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Reviews

American National Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Reviews

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American National is is a well respected carrier and one of the top 10 life insurance companies available today. With that said, the question that needs answering is, “Are they the right company for you?”  We hope to answer that question with our American National Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Reviews in order for you to make an informed decision. American National’s GUL product is called the American National Signature Guaranteed UL and it’s their main GUL product that we’ll be reviewing today.

What company is the best?

Are you just looking for the best Guaranteed Universal Life insurance companies? We reviewed the top rated GUL companies right here.

American National Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Reviews

Just know that this post is just one of many GUL reviews. We have a huge series of reviews for the top companies that sell guaranteed universal life insurance.  To learn more about GUL products (also known as Term to 100 or Lifetime Term) please read an overview of GUL here.

American National Life Insurance Company

Financial Strength
Review Summary

The American National Life Insurance Company has over 11 million policyholders to date and would be an excellent addition to your insurance portfolio. Looking at testimonials, American National has an excellent reputation by providing excellent service.

american national whole life insurance

American National Overview

ANICO is a financially stable and respected life insurance company with an A (Excellent) A.M. Best Rating. They also have more than $2 Billion dollars in assets. American National Insurance Insurance Company, also known as ANICO, is a publicly traded company. ANICO got its start in 1905 and is headquartered in Galveston, TX. 


Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) is a type of universal life insurance- but doesn’t have the market risks of UL.

Your premiums remain the same with GUL just like term life. With a GUL, you get coverage with a “no-lapse” guarantee. This means that if you pay your insurance premiums, you’ll always be covered. GUL is not made for cash value and it resembles and functions similarly to term life insurance. Term life insurance only covers you for a set number of years. GUL covers you to a specific age such as: Age 90, 95, 100, 110, or 121.

American National GUL Products

American National offers life insurance shoppers lifetime coverage with their guaranteed universal life insurance product called: Signature Guaranteed UL

American National Signature Guaranteed UL Overview

Issue Ages

Ages 18 - 80

Minimum Benefit Amount


Coverage Lengths

Ages 95, 100, 105 and 121

Maximum Benefit Amount

Over $10,000,000

>>Read more about getting coverage to specific ages like:

American National Financial Strength

Financial Strength Ratings

  • AM Best: A+
  • Moody's: A2
  • Standard & Poor's: AA-
  • Fitch: N/A

How to choose? If you’re comparing companies & looking to choose from two carriers, one rated A+ and one rated A++, either one is likely to be there when you need it. However, if you’re picking carriers that are rated B+ and A+, financial strength could factor in your buying decision. Try to avoid companies that 1 or more financial agencies rate as potentially vulnerable.

Health Class Ratings

Life insurance classifications are important because they affect your premium. The better your health class rating, the lower your premium will be with. All companies (including American National) classify you differently.

These are the health classes that are offered with American National:

  • Preferred Best
  • Preferred
  • Standard Plus
  • Standard
  • Substandard
  • Non Tobacco & Tobacco

Sample Rates

Now let’s look at how much the American National Signature Guaranteed UL can cost. Below are some sample monthly rates for a healthy non smoking 46 year old man.

Death BenefitTo Age 95To Age 105To Age 121

Make sure to use an independent life insurance agent that can shop from all the top life insurance companies. They will be able to provide you unbiased recommendations based on your specific health, age, and needs.

Life insurance rates depend on many factors. The life insurance company you choose is a major factor because each company rates you differently. Someone with diabetes may qualify for different rates depending on each company they apply with.

Learn more about life insurance shopping.


  • ANICO Benefits

Decrease Coverage

American National will permit your request to decrease the death benefit as long as it’s not less than $25,000. This is a good option if you don’t need your original higher death benefit.

Guaranteed Cash Out Rider

American National offers their Cash-Out Rider with 3 guaranteed periods. These three periods allow you to surrender your life insurance policy in exchange for a return of premiums paid. 

Guaranteed Cash Out Rider

Hypothetical Case Study

John Doe is a 65 year old male who doesn’t use tobacco. He bought a $500,000 Signature Guaranteed UL to Age 105. He can expect to get the following:

Signature Guaranteed UL



  • ANICO Weaknesses
  • One of Many: American National is just one of many life insurance companies in the market. They don’t offer every option and they aren’t always priced the best. Depending on your health and age- another carrier may give you a better deal.
  • Surrender Charges: If you choose to surrender your American National policy in the 1st 10 policy years, surrender chargers may apply.

Underwriting Information

Not all life insurance companies will look at you the same. American National and every other company has their own underwriting guidelines. Here are American National’s underwriting strengths and weaknesses:


These conditions typically get a better rating compared to the competition:

  • Diabetes: Type 2 diabetics’ ages 50+ with good control and optimal control of other risk factors (blood pressure, lipids, build) may receive Standard Plus rates on any permanent product.
  • Sleep Apnea: Individuals with this condition who are well-controlled, compliant with treatment, and have other favorable risk factors may receive preferred rates.
  • Coronary Artery Disease: Allow for one family history of death from CAD before age of 60 with a negative Stress EKG with good exercise tolerance (at least 8 METS) in the past 12 months. Limit to age 50+
  • Obesity: Generous credits for individuals who have favorable risk factors such as optimal blood pressure readings, favorable lipids, recent favorable stress testing or an EBCT.


These conditions may get a better rating with another carrier:

  • We haven't come across any specific situations where ANICO is glaringly weak.

Life insurance underwriting is the process of a company looking at the level of risk you present to the insurer. Once they can determine your risk level- they can decide the cost of the premium for you. This is similar to how a car insurance company will ask you if you have had any previous moving violations, accidents, DUI or license suspensions before providing you your final rate.

Learn more: Underwriting

Life Insurance Riders

Let’s look at what life insurance riders are available with the American National guaranteed universal life insurance policy.

  • Accelerated Benefit Rider for Terminal Illness
  • Accelerated Benefit Rider for Chronic Illness
  • Accelerated Benefit Rider for Critical Illness
  • Disability Waiver of Stipulated Premium
  • Guaranteed Cash-Out Rider
  • Children's Term Rider

Life insurance riders are some additional benefits that can be added to a life insurance policy. Some riders are included for free and some are an additional cost. These riders provide you the ability to increase or limit the insurance coverage of your policy. Not all companies offer every rider.

Learn more: Life Insurance Riders

How to buy the best Guaranteed Universal Life policy?

We cannot stress enough the importance of using an independent life insurance agent to help you choose the right GUL product at the most affordable price possible. 

Independent life insurance agents have access to multiple companies. We know which life insurers offer the best rates when it comes to buying guaranteed universal life insurance.

We hope this article gives you a good overview of guaranteed universal life insurance. GUL policies are a great solution for many shoppers that can provide protection for your loved ones.

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