Can I Get Life Insurance to Age 90?

Can I Get Life Insurance to Age 90?
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    Is it possible to get life insurance to age 90?  You may already be very familiar with how term life insurance works— rather than guaranteeing to insure you for your entire life, term life provides coverage for specific time periods (typically between 10 and 30 years). Are there other options for this age group? What are the top 10 life insurance companies for these policies?

    We’ll answer these question and more…let’s get started!

    term life insurance up to age 90

    Term life insurance is the most popular type of life insurance. It provides great value, but the biggest drawback is that it provides temporary coverage.

    For some shoppers it isn’t an issue. Term coverage is a very practical approach to life insurance; since it may be long enough to cover any dependents a person may have or cover an individual until usual retirement age. 

    At the end of the term many no longer feel they have the need for life insurance. Term life insurance is also a lot cheaper than your average permanent life insurance, like whole life.

    A smart alternative?

    But what happens if you do want your life insurance coverage to last until you’re well into your golden years? What if you’re in your retirement years or even looking at life insurance for seniors over age 80?— You’re in luck.

    You can purchase policies to age 90 years old! In fact you can get life insurance to age 100, 105, 110 and even 121. Fortunately, you do have these options, and we are here to help.

    Universal Life Policy with No Lapse Guarantee Rider

    Your main option here is a Universal Life Policy with a No Lapse Guarantee Rider. This is a form of permanent life insurance, but it is very similar to term insurance in that your premium rates are locked in for a certain period of time— albeit a longer period of time than most term life policies.

    See, a Guaranteed Universal Life policy allows you to have premiums that never increase, locking in the rate to age 90 or even higher.

    Now, although GUL is permanent life insurance, it differs from other forms of permanent life insurance by not building up significant cash value over time. After all, it is not designed to do this— it is designed to provide you with cheap but permanent life insurance coverage for as long as you live.

    life insurance tip

    You may not build up cash value with GUL, but you will save a lot of money while still making sure your loved ones have something to live on after you pass. If you’re interested in growing cash value, make sure to read our best cash value whole life companies review.

    The Best Insurance Companies for Guaranteed Universal Life

    We work with over 60 different insurance providers, and we have narrowed it down to the top companies for Guaranteed Universal Life insurance policies that lock in rates to age 90 and beyond. The following life insurance providers offer some of the most competitive rates for this kind of coverage:

    The Cost of Life Insurance to Age 90

    Guaranteed Universal Life policies are more expensive than term policies, but depending on your current age and coverage needs, they could still be the best option.

    For an example of pricing, let’s take a look at a scenario based on real-life figures: Let’s say John is a 50-year-old man applying for a $250,000 life insurance policy.

    • For Guaranteed Universal Life coverage, Protective Life offers him a rate of $139 a month, and that’s at Preferred Plus rates.
    • Meanwhile, if John applies for a 30-year term $250,000 policy, Protective Life will likely offer him a monthly rate of $74— almost half the price of the Guaranteed Life policy.
    • If he applies for a 20-year term for this amount, Protective will likewise offer an even lower rate of $43. Of course, neither of the term policies would last John until age 90, but the GUL policy would.

    Can I Get Life Insurance To Age 90?

    As you have seen, yes it’s possible. The biggest factors with the type of life insurance available will be your age and coverage goals. Just know that you have many options available. Life insurance no exam for seniors may even be available for you. If you qualify, you can skip the medical exam and get your life insurance policy fast.

    Be sure to check some of our other articles if you’re interested in other types of policies that provide lifetime coverage. We’ve reviewed policies such as final expense insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance, and even the best cash value whole life insurance companies.


    We hope you’ve learned that it’s possible to get coverage to age 90. You can also read our Life Insurance Rates by Age article to get sample quotes for every age group. If you are interested in getting life insurance coverage until age 90, please contact us to learn more about your options and start getting free, customized quotes. You can also start comparing rates today using our online life insurance quote tools found on our website.

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