Best Place to Get Life Insurance at Age 44

Life Insurance at Age 44
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    In order to find the best place to get life insurance at Age 44 you must have options. One of our objectives at LIB is to give our clients different options from the top rated life insurance companies in the market. These include traditional policies as well as no medical exam life insurance options.

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    Best Place to Get Life Insurance at Age 44

    It is very convenient and easy to get cheap term life insurance these days.

    But how much will term life insurance cost you at the age of 44? Which companies are the best place to apply with?

    Let me show you the best companies, how the term life insurance is affordable and how it’s a good fit for anyone’s budget.

    In case you are 44 years of age and you don’t have any life insurance or maybe you have life insurance and you want to get additional coverage – then you are at the right place. This article is for you.

    It can be really inexpensive to get life insurance at the age of 44, provided that you know where to look. We’ll help you get affordable life insurance plan in the 40s. Following are just a few things that you must consider so that you can end up getting the best life insurance deal at age 44.

    Just to let you know, it is possible to get a million dollar benefit life insurance policy with an exam as well as without an exam.

    If you do not know your health status, do not test!

    In case you have not had a full medical physical including the blood work during the past year, and you are not presently taking prescription medications, there is no need for you to face the risk of an insurance company diagnosing you with an ailment that is common to people in their 40s.

    We are talking about ailments like:

    Most of the fully underwritten life insurance policies have a requirement of a medical exam.

    The insurance company pays for the exam.

    The medical exam helps the insurance company know the level of risk posed by you as an applicant. The insurance company uses this information for determining the rate that you’ll receive and whether they want to give you insurance or not.

    The information gathered in the medical exam will also be shared with other insurance carriers to make sure that they are protected against any risks.

    This is exactly why if you are not sure of the outcome of your medical exam, you should avoid taking it. You should go for an alternative insurance policy that gives coverage with the non-medical option.

    We specialize in placing the medical as well as non-medical term life insurance policies. Our experience tells us that many of non-medical life insurance policies are as competitive as the ones that require full medical examination.

    Sample Life Insurance Rates for 44 year olds

    Below are sample term life insurance rates for non smoking applicants. Most of the quotes below require a medical exam (However, several of the Standard rates are Non Medical exam). The rates are organized by gender and health class ratings (Preferred Plus and Standard health classes). If you use tobacco, you can approximate your rate by doubling the rates listed below.

    Term life insurance rates for a 44 year old Male with a Preferred Plus Health Rating. 

     10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term
    $2,000,000$84.67 $123.27$168.99$285.51

    Term life insurance rates for a 44 year old Female Preferred Plus Health Rating.

     10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term

    Term life insurance rates for a 44 year old Male Standard Health Rating.

     10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term

    Term life insurance rates for a 44 year old Female Standard Health Rating.

     10 Year Term15 Year Term20 Year Term30 Year Term

    Non Medical Insurance Rates vs Medical Exam Rates for a 44 Year Old

    If you are interested in comparing the rates for no medical vs medical life insurance, here are the rates for $250,000 worth of coverage for 20 year Non Med term at a Preferred Plus health class.

    While Transamerica and American National have the best rates for no medical exam life insurance, they do take longer to approve than Sagicor and Fidelity. Transamerica and American National will not require an exam, however they will request your records from your doctor. Because of this approval will usually take about 3-4 weeks, as opposed to Sagicor which can approve you within 15 minutes to 48 hours, and Fidelity which approves within 24 hours.

    Need a life insurance policy fast?  – Go with Fidelity Life or Sagicor.  We’ll even help you with the easy online application.

    Don’t Delay – Get Life Insurance Now!

    The number one factor that will determine the premium you will have to pay will be your age.

    So today is the cheapest it is going to get for you. Get it now!

    There might be some situations where buying the life insurance later would be cheaper. Following are some such situations:

    • You are presently trying to quit smoking and you need to wait a year in order to get the non-tobacco rates.
    • You must wait for a year in order to clear up DMV issue.
    • You have some pre-existing medical condition and a waiting period might be required before the insurance company underwrites you.

    For most of the people who are 44 years old and want to apply for affordable life insurance, waiting only means one thing: it will cost you more to get life insurance when you finally decide to get it and apply for it.

    Not all Life Insurance Companies are the same when you’re 44!

    All insurance companies have their own guidelines and rules that they follow when they underwrite applications.

    Some insurance companies have very strict guidelines about certain conditions and some insurance companies might not have any guidelines at all. It depends on your medical condition and the carrier that you are considering.

    Here’s a quick example.

    You might qualify for Preferred Plus rate category with the North American at $375 per year, but only Preferred rate category with the Banner Life Insurance Company. With the Preferred rate category from Banner your policy will be issued at $431 a year instead of $359 per year, based on the Banner’s Preferred Rate category prices. The North American Company will be a better deal for you. Although the prices of Banner are lower for the Preferred Plus category, you do not qualify for Banner’s Preferred Plus rate category, but you do qualify for North American’s Preferred Plus rate category.  It’s all about which company you can qualify for based on all their underwriting criteria (Height, weight, medical records, etc.).

    Good agents make a lot of effort to quote the correct rates of term life insurance that you should be offered.

    These rates will be based on the rates category you will most likely qualify for with each company. It is difficult to get accurate quotes of term life insurance on your own. It will not cost you more if you use an agent to buy the term life insurance. The costs will be the same as if you buy it directly from insurance company. So you should definitely take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of experienced agents.

    This brings us to the next point… The key to saving money is variety!

    Find a life insurance agent who works for you, instead of the insurance company:

    You will have many different options available but it is important that you work with an agency that’s not bound to a specific carrier.

    The agency should be able to take your application to different carriers and it have them compete for your business.

    When choosing an agent, you should go for the one who does his/her best to provide you with an accurate quote of term life insurance. A quote that is based on the rate category for which you qualify for. You can expect a good agent to ask you several questions and they will use their knowledge of rate making and eligibility guidelines of the insurance companies they represent in order to find the best price and coverage for you. A good agent can be recognized by the questions they ask you when quoting and recommending an insurance plan. You can expect them to ask about your needs, your habits, your health, and the family health history.

    There are some agents who simply quote a rock bottom price to everyone without taking into account if the customer qualifies for it or not. And they only ask very few questions.

    Now it should be clear to you why it is absolutely important for you to work with an agency whose sole focus is you.

    Use an Independent Life Insurance Agent

    We are here to help you as an independent life insurance broker. We have skilled, knowledgeable and experienced agents who are committed to you.

    Our primary goal is to help you get the best insurance plan.

    We will help you choose from among the different types of life insurance. We will help you decide, whether to go for Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance.

    We will also help you determine the appropriate coverage amount.

    And lastly, we will help you determine the carrier that will give you the best possible rate.

    Life Insurance Blog

    By working with us, you’ll have an assigned agent who will be dedicated to your application. The agent will be there for you throughout the application process and will give you the status updates as the application goes through the underwriting. The agent will also check your application when the time for approval comes in order to make sure that you end up getting the best possible deal.

    The prices of term life insurance policies have continued to decrease because of more competition among insurance companies, the increase in the life expectancy of people, and better medical care. You should take a look at your life insurance needs every year in order to see if the coverage is still enough for you and to check if there are any better deals. If you bought a term life insurance policy few years ago, it’s likely that you can get more coverage for the same price that you are paying or you can get a better price.

    Thanks for reading our post, Life Insurance at Age 44. Please leave a comment or question down below. Be sure to check out more rates by viewing our life insurance rates by age chart page.

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